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Hello NEAR fam :green_heart: :nerd_face:

Quick updates on some granular deets of our progress and value creation as follows

  1. Cohort based learning
    Within The Krisullis we have run 3 cohort based learning experiences that involve community, learning about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, web3 tools and marketplaces

Dovetailing into specifics -
then specifically about our own partners NEAR protocol, Mintbase, and the relevance and applications of deFi and NFTs towards creating and curating social and economic impact by creators and communities.

In our cohort #3, we have a group of women from a womens community, and have introduced them to the sweat economy app.

Lotsa fun and learning in the making for everyone :dancer:

In-Sight :eyes:
One thing that we realise being non-crypto natives ourselves and
through members and participants flow of feedback,
is that most content is still high and feels inaccessible from a beginner’s entry point

Questions we can qualitatively ask ourselves
:writing_hand:How does a non crypto enter this space ?
:writing_hand:How does he or she or they use the capabilities and extensive features if not without support at first ?

You learn to crawl before you learn to walk ‘… uhh not so much

So what if you could have the necessary guidance to enter instead ?

Members-Feedback while learning
“ After entering The Krisullis and learning about web3, I have started my own business to help others buy and sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for Naira’

‘Thank you so much for the workshops! I never knew that there is so much here beyond trading cryptocurrencies’

:rocket:As you can see, just the support for those who are not developers, but creators and contributors, leads to enormous awareness and potential to scope and scale how much leverage is possible with the KNOWING of what tools and how to apply them in their daily living.

While we get ready to onboard our next cohort #4, we are thrilled to be launching

:rocket:The Krisullis Curator: Network Effects Program :rocket:
an immersive online hyper-curation lab for communities to go through their own marketplace experiences on Mintbase.

Mintbase has several efficient tools and techonologies that add tremendous value for those willing to build and we want all of our incoming and existing creators and
onboarding communities to tap into the features.

The key addition is that they aren’t trying things out on their own, rather that every community onboarding will have access to support and guidance.

We make sure that they feel a sense of this guidance and supportive structure

We are making sure that everyone has room and elasticity to try, test and know that making a mistake is all a part of the learning process in order to up level their capacity to create, trade, contribute, build and thrive in web3!

Dates to our Curation lab will be announced shortly, and we would love to invite or nEAR community in.

Drop us a line to let us know your thoughts, and if you would like to join the adventure

happy weekend everyone :green_heart:

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