KalakendraDAO Report March & April 2022

These past months we’ve been involved in the community building exercise & restructuring of our DAO.

  • We’ve successfully scheduled a live community meeting at Writers Cafe through which two members have joined our community.

  • We have also conducted 2 Twitter space sessions on April in which artists & other community members where able to clarify their queries.

  1. First twitter space topic - All you need to know about NFTs

  2. Second Twitter Space - NFTs are booming and lets talk about it

  • Our website development is still going on and the mockup is ready. We’ve asked for few changes and it’ll be live within this month.

  • The blog in the regional language is also work in progress & will be published once the website is live.

  • We’re also currently building our 3xr space of the KalakendraDAO mintbase store so that it’ll be visually appealing to the users.

Let us know if you have any queries & we’d be happy to answer.