June Funding Request for NFT DAO

Building on valuable insights from HoM on the May 2024 proposal, we’re resubmitting select proposals with refinements to further fuel NFT ecosystem growth. Here’s the completion of the funding request for the NFT DAO for June 2024:

June Funding Request for NFT DAO

Approved Proposals

Research DAO x NFT WG $2,000 [Proposal] Research DAO x NFT WG
NFT DAO comment: We have initiated this research on the suggestion from HoM members to find successful projects and funding methodologies from NFT Ecosystems of other L1/L2s. The research DAO has made significant progress already, and we look forward to sharing the final findings with the wider NEAR ecosystem and find ways to implement some of them on Near.

NEAR DragonVerse pt.1 $7,000 [Proposal] NEAR DragonVerse pt.1
NFT DAO comment: DragonVerse is one of the few projects bringing traction to the NEAR ecosystem. And this split-proposal has already been approved by the Gaming DAO (an HOM) in the May funding cycle.

BEEP BOOPS NFT - CC0 & Open Source Human Gated Minting Infrastructure & Collection $5,000 [Proposal] BEEP BOOPS NFT - CC0 & Open Source Human Gated Minting Infrastructure & Collection NFT DAO Comment: We need fair launch mechanisms for NFTs on Near and We need ways to verify humanity. The MagicBuild team has history of shipping across different projects and have contributed to public goods ecosystem.

Dropcast v2.0 by Nearverse Labs $4,000 Proposal for Scaling Up Dropcast Allowlist Management Platform
NFT DAO comment: The decommissioned version of Allowlist platform had 4000 unique users in 2022-23, which makes The BOS version Dropcast crucial. The upgrades proposed (Telegram integration, Airdrop features) caters perfectly to memecoin communities for strong community building.

El Cafe Cartel Coffee Marketplace $3,000 El Cafe Cartel Coffee Marketplace
NFT DAO comment: The El Cafe Cartel team has consistently been one of the most active and productive teams. We believe that the coffee marketplace they are creating will serve as a crucial tool for onboarding both Web2 users and Web3 enthusiasts to the Near Protocol. It will also facilitate connections with NFT communities and drive traction.

Totals $21,000

May Budget request breakdown
Item Amount Total Funding $21,000
Marketing, Content, Visuals $1,000
Salaries $3,900
Total $25,900

NFT DAO May Funding Procedure:
4-11 May: Submissions of proposals.
9-14 May: Internal review by the NFT WG. 14-15 May: Proposals sent to HoM including all approved proposals.
15-17 May: HOM Review and Voting.
17-23 May: CoA Review and Voting.
NDC Trustees Transaction Post-Transfer Execution KYC will be required for new applicants.

DAO Wallet: nearnftwg.sputnik-dao.near