[Proposal] NEAR DragonVerse pt.1

**Appendix 1: “Near Digital Collective application form”

**Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

Organization Name: NEAR DragonVerse

Proposal Title: Building the Kingdom of Dragons pt.1

When was your DAO / Project established? 2024

DAO’s Category: Gaming/NFT

THIS PROPOSAL WILL BE SPLIT INTO TWO PARTS and account for different milestones/proof of works.

1 for NFTWG

1 for Gaming DAO

Both parties have been notified and approved of this split format.

Project’s Category: Gaming/NFT

Section 2. Previous Funding

**Have you received funding for this project from any source? No.

Section 3. DAO URLs**

DAO / Project Website: https://dragon-verse.vercel.app/

Social Media Distribution Channels: @NEARDragonVerse on Twitter

**Is Your DAO/Project Targeting a Specific Country? **Global.

**Which region will your DAO/ Project support? **Core team resides in N. America but we support all regions

Section 4. Applicant Information

**Name of Point of Contact: Rhyme Taylor

NEAR Wallet ID: @dragonverse.sputnik-dao.near

Wallet ID that will be receiving funds: @dragonverse.sputnik-dao.near

**Twitter, Telegram: **@NEARDragonVerse

Relevant Links (add any other links to resources that highlight your work or involvement with NEAR ecosystem. This may include your portfolio, GitHub, etc.):

Special Edition: Dragon Seoul Egg - 8850 by mint.sharddog.near on Mintbase

Magic Dragon Eggs by claim.sharddog.near on Mintbase

Special Edition: Dragon Seoul Egg #2 by claim.sharddog.near on Mintbase

Magic Dragon Eggs - 1337 by mint.sharddog.near on Mintbase


20,000+ eggs collected throughout ETH Denver and ETH Seoul Activations.

4600+ eggs sold in first week.

Inspired countless other egg collections as part of the community egg community campaign.

**Almost 30,000 total bought or collected via the Save The Eggs Campaign.


Section 5. Team Members

**Please provide information about Team Members. Information should include (name, roles, near.social profile handles)

Jeff Gold of NEARHub: Co-Lead (Dev and Engineers)

Rhyme Taylor: Co-Lead (Project Management and Brand Strategy)

Benny Brown of Bodega Labs: Dev Support and Brand Partner

Section 6. Experience

**What related qualifications, experience, or track record does your team bring to this initiative?

Short Summary of Your and Team’s Professional Experience

List Web3 Projects You Have Completed

Visit website links for list of previously completed projects**



Rhyme Taylor Branding, Marketing, Partnerships

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

**What Problem Are You Aiming to Solve? **Creating a more active community in the gaming and NFT space with quality engagement. We have also rallied other gaming builders.

**How can your DAO / Project achieve NDC priorities, goals, and KPIs?

Our hatching mechanism logs an onchain tx with every click. Holders must click (or use other unlocking mechanisms) to hatch their egg and unlock their dragon, plus docs about how to launch your own games. Collaboration and utility for platforms and tokens throughout the entire ecosystem with sustained and prolonged activity from a growing user base.

Roadmap of your DAO/project, Milestones, and achievements:**


Social media management and campaign for Save the Eggs to further community engagement

Frontend website design created.

## Jump DeFi Partnership Announcement: includes staking

## Egg-cubator begins.

## Eggs lock in Jump DeFi for an experimental program called “Stake n Eggs.”

Weeks 5-9

Develop and testing of first hatching mechanism

Meteor Wallet Partnership Announcement: highlighting missions, side quests

Dragons able to begin the process of hatching.

Different elements and collections with different attributes and hatching mechanisms, including buying and trading shards.

Marketplace eligible to pay with memecoins in marketplace.

Users will be able to combine eggs to make them hatch faster.

Gamified on-chain hatching mechanisms.

Section 8. Budget


Timeline: 6 weeks

Project Management

Ideating developments, testing UI/UX features, identifying trends for PMF, coordination of teams, timelines, and all other relevant details are accounted for while catering to the target market communities.

Partnership and Brand Strategy

Developing the relationships between complementary partners, teams and integrations

Social Media and Marketing

Managing social media account for @NEARDragonverse

Total: 7k


I’ve witnessed the activation firsthand, in real life, and observed how it has deeply engaged the community. Without any bias, I support this proposal because I truly believe it can make a meaningful impact on the ecosystem and help retain users.


Thank you for those sentiments, Aescobar. I really appreciate that.

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