[Introduction] Uniqueone Network Community Guild


Guild Leader: CJ (willfadeneva.near)

Guild / Community Council DAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/uniqueonenetwork.sputnik-dao.near

Team / Native Council Treasury DAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/uniqueonenetworktreasury.sputnik-dao.near

Community Council Application: Here

UoNo NFT Marketplace [Proposal]: Here

Guild Location: Worldwide (Incorporated in Seychelles)

Guild Details

UniqueOne started as a purely decentralised NFT platform in 2020 enabling artists, collectors, traders to learn, socialise and grow together. Our platforms were developed by a team of volunteer community artists, developers, designers, marketers, and project managers with deep involvement and experience in the crypto space.

UniqueOne has had an incredible year in 2021. From the main-net launch of our flagship NFT Art Marketplace in January 2021, our purely decentralised, community-bootstrapped protocol has stayed agile — growing, flexing, and surfing along with the exploding and volatile NFT market.

Existing Marketplace

  1. (Ethereum NFT Marketplace)
  2. (BSC NFT Marketplace)
  3. (Polygon Marketplace)
  4. (Gnosis Marketplace)

We have rebranded as UniqueOne.Network with the vision of being an immersive multi-chain NFT marketplace in the crypto sphere. We shall be launching our Substrate application blockchain (a.k.a. UoNo Marketplace) on the Octopus Network – a multi-chain, interoperable crypto network for launching and running Substrate-based application-specific blockchains, aka appchains built on NEAR protocol.

At the time of this writing, we are finalising mainnet for our flagship DEFI Dapp STAKENET with staking, vesting & locks, and rewards features, on the Near ecosystem. We understand the conundrum of DEFI risks and price fluctuation or any other possible vulnerabilities. With that in mind, we are building a better token vesting mechanism with higher yields on longer vesting periods, thus making the token itself deflationary.

We have partnered with Realitychain* to build UniqueOne’s first Metaverse with immersive marketplace integrations within NEAR. Ecosystem User may secure their Metaverse lands in a flexible and scalable manner via an exciting and innovative staking mechanism for Metaverse land leases. It brings a collaborative work & play culture with avenues to earn tokens where players can participate on quests or even interact with others to buy, rent, sell as they go along exploring the metaverse.

*Realitychain, a multi-chain, multi-engine, Metaverse-as-a-Service protocol, and recent NEAR Metabuidl Hackathon winner

Project Mission Statement

UniqueOne.Network strives to become the leading multichain NFT Marketplace in the crypto-sphere with the initiatives of the marketplace run by the communities such as Artists, Creators, Buyers, Sellers, Traders, Collectors, and Fans. We are an open and decentralised art marketplace platform belonging to the art community alone — not the project founders. NFT Tokenized art endows ownership rights such as:

· The right to own
· The right to sell
· The right to lend
· The right to royalties
· The right to confer reuse

We also have ventured into DEFI and the METAVERSE as well with the first project on NEAR Ecosystem to gauge entropy and improve the undulating issues of volatility. In other words, we strive to rebuild DEFI dAPP and Metaverse with improved experiences and better tokenomics. However,this is a challenge withstanding development costs. We are looking for partnerships with projects that align with our vision moving forward.

Guild Mission Statement

Our guild mission is to build communities with the following mission:

  1. Paradigm shift from conventional B2B to B2C
  2. To make NFT minting affordable.
  3. Onboard artists from all walks of life.
  4. One-stop-solution for digital assets.
  5. Building a defi self sustaining ecosystem encompassing future technologies and real world use cases.
  6. Seamlessly integrate gaming with De-Fi to enhance the end user experience as newer technologies emerge. Depending on how AI and AR develop, we will explore options to gamify such experiences.
  7. Structure rewards leading to active participation of our community in future development and decision making.


One of the primary objectives of this guild is to allow the communities to run the marketplace through DAO. UniqueOne will gradually shift away from centralised management to decentralised initiative as our core team will liaise with community council for marketplace enhancement & upgrades, reward schemes and governance.

We are currently in the final development stages of StakeNet. When fully deployed, it will enhance community participation in upcoming NEAR projects due to its deflationary mechanism, thus enhancing usage of the dApp and the projects listed on it as well. This will further help the NEAR ecosystem in expanding itself across a wide variety of use cases whilst at the same time protecting end users from major token dumps.

Our metaverse Uniqueone.world – our final frontier is here to lead this guild to an immersive cyberspace experience. In partnership with Realitychain, we strived to build a virtual environment for our community members to be able to transition into virtual worlds as it is evident that VR/AI/AR will slowly pick up as technology emerges in terms of user experience.

Remote working had been a trend back in 2020-2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we want to take this opportunity to allow corporate identity to embrace the remote culture with meetings, events, or even promoting business in the metaverse. With this guild, you’ll get to know how to own/lease land parcels, how the community interact with one another with in-world NFTs and/or marketplace, or even getting up-close with your artists – the possibilities are infinite.


UniqueOne.Network has buidl an array of decentralize NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network back in early 2021, followed by xDAI, BSC and Polygon marketplace – and now Octopus Network Appchain (UoNo Marketplace). With our exntesive experiences in the cryptosphere, we intend to venture on different categories like DEFI and The Metaverse as well. Following is our

Roadmap for 2022 and beyond:

Buidling Phase
Inception & Concept Design
Platform & Ecosystem Construction
$UNET IDO Launchpad
Testing & Auditing
Voting on Octopus Network
Testnet Launch
Staking & LP Farming on Near ecosystem
$RARE, $FOTO, $FANS Token swap event

Q3-Q4 2022*

UONO Development & Platform Upgrades
Develop Near/Octopus NFT Marketplace (Powered by $UNET)
Marketplace Upgrade with bulksend features
Metaverse (Unique.One x Realitychain Partnership)
2D World Buidl
Land-Parcel Auction/Sales
In-World NFT Curation & Accessories
In-World Contests
Collaborations & Announcements
Launch of Near-Native custom stakings/vesting/farming
Solution for other Appchains & projects

Q1 2023

UoNo Launch
NFT Marketplace launch on NEAR
Metaverse (feature upgrade)
Social Media Integration
In-world custom avatars
In-world quest with NPC Functions
3D world teaser
Crossover Event (TBC)
Platform upgrades & new Feature
NFT bridging (interoperable cross chain transfer solution)
NFT fractionalization
Auction function on marketplace

Q2 2023

P2E Farming Aggregator
P2E Staking-Contract-As-A-Service
Staking contracts + stadium in metaverse
P2E Game 1 – staking contract
P2E Game 2 – staking contract
P2E Tournament Stadiums
Create stadiums in the metaverse for watch parties
Create betting halls (Stake to bet)

Key Links

Website (Information + Roadmap + Teams)

UniqueOne World Metaverse (Testnet build on Near)

Stakenet (Testnet build on Near)

Litepaper / Documents (Updated)


Check our medium & socials
Medium, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Youtube

Partners and Collaborations

BIKI: Listing on CEX and provide liquidity pairs; grid trading

SakeSwap: Listing on DEX and provide liquidity pairs and token rewards

Polkaswap: A non-custodial AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX designed for maximum security, liquidity, and efficiency with a friendly UI to make it easy for users to immediately swap assets from one chain to the next.

Uniswap: Provide liquidity pairs on DEX and token rewards

IRL Denver: Collaborate with artists from Denver in order to help uplift the struggling art community in both the digital and physical space

B.L.A.C. Denver: the Black Love Art & Crypto show was created in a physical gallery in Denver in honour and celebration of Black History Month.

ETH Denver 2021: ETHDenver is infamous as the largest Web3 hackathon (#BUIDLathon) in the world for both Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers, and developers.

CoinTelegraph: Partnership with CoinTelegraph

Ferum Network: A multi-chain Blockchain as a Service DeFi solutions provider, adding deflationary mechanisms, token utility and Web3 technology products to projects across the crypto space

UniquePixies: A little pixel art character you can own with blockchain’s proof of ownership

EGA/CPP: Collaborate with art projects from around the world — in both the digital and physical space with Endgame Association / Cyber Panther Party.

The Community Council and Governance

The community governance council (DAO) is a council formed by members of the community who would take part in day to day decision making. The control of the community facing aspects of UON would be handed over to these council members chosen from and by the community. The roles and responsibilities of the council will be as follows but not limited to:

  1. Creating governance proposal.
  2. Changes to the features available on existing platforms or their enhancement thereof.
  3. Onboarding artists and creators alike and helping them achieve goals of self sustainability in the long run.
  4. Create policies, structures and processes which help UON economy to flourish.

Read more here.


good to see uniqueone team in the near ecosystem!


Unique.One is finally here, great to see you guys here!


This is amazing great work Team, UniqueOne Network lol gonna BE a hot summer lol


It’s great to be seeing near ecosystem expand and is having one of the most unique project…with the word unique literally embedded in it :blush::blush:


Will just Love to see more :heart:


Tottal 100% right @sortition

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Hi @kilobytez me to gonna BE a hot summer lol

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Great job team!!!:clap::clap::clap:


Greetings fam, I am Joseph, your steward for this guild. Our primary objectives here is to create a community council in order to run the communities, and the marketplace - permisionless. But first, I’d like members to come forward to be part of this. Our council and team have shortlisted a few members here as community council (pedrovemnancio72, sortition, brighttux^) , as they are playing an active role in on our communities on other social channels like telegram, discord and IRL. But we’re not limiting the capacity as we need more to be part of this decentralised community. Kindly follow the instructions below to upvote our community council.

^participation on this forum is required to be eligible

  1. Members & shortlisted community council are required to upvote comments by clicking :heart:

  2. Members can also come forward to comment their interest on this post with reasons : “I’d like to upvote myself to be a community council”. What is your designation (A Creator / A Developer / An Enthusiast / A Community Leader)? Why do you plan to become a community council?

  3. Community Council will be managed by Council & Team here : https://app.astrodao.com/dao/uniqueonenetwork.sputnik-dao.near/groups/all

  4. Council will create a proposal on ASTRODAO to allow everyone to vote once we have enough input in this post.

Please do not hesitate to post any questions if you have any!



Hello team “I"d like to upvote myself to be a community council”
My designation is (A Creator / An Enthusiast)

From Portugal
Pedro Venancio
Near Wallet - pedrovenancio72.near
TG: @PGV72
Twitter: @pedrovenancio72
Instagram: @pedrovenancio72

Second Instagram and Twitter account @ nftabout

“I"d like to upvote myself to be a community council” why,

As I have loved Unique One network since the beginning, and always looking forward to updates from the team, it would be great to be inside all your work and to be able to know and keep secrets about future updates and new tools.
To be able to have an active voice in future projects and votes, to have more knowledge about the future of UniqueOne Network.

Recommendations for the future NFT marketplace by UniqueOne Network

1- have on the platform when we create a collection, an option to have surprise boxes for buyers, when they buy an NFT they will see what came out.
2- To be able to customize our profile more deeply, in addition to the normal avatar banners and image banners, we can change the colors of our profile.
3- we can refer people, have a link to share on social networks and have some percentage of their sales for a period of 6 months to a year.
4- have the opportunity to have collaborators in the partnership that would be added via email to our profile, the invitation to collaborate would only be via email.
5- having employees, working together, we could have group payments, where the profile owner would choose the percentage of gain like 50%/50% on a scale from 0 to 100.
6- have the opportunity to purchase NFTs on the platform through FIO (visa cards)
7- when we create an NFT, we can choose which token we would like to be paid, of course in addition to our future $UNET token
8- have the opportunity to create a white list of the NFTs that would be released.
9- being able to create discounts and promotions for the launch of new NFTs
10- being able to have the option to have bulk uploads from an NFTs collection


Hey there! Good to see the team actively creating and pursuing the goal of making this project truly belonging to the community.

While the idea of DAOs are great, from what i understand, people who holds more tokens “would have more say” in whether or not a particular proposal gets approved/rejected. In some ways, this could easily be manipulated by whales… Is there any existing methods used by other DAOs to prevent such power play? Will the DAO for UniqueOne.Network be ran the same way?



Hi @brighttux, Yes as far as decentralised is concern, 1 user will be entitle 1 vote regardless of the number of tokens one hodl. In this scenario, we’re proposing Astrodao which runs on full transparency level, alongside with voting mechanism for sub-proposals. Rest assured, everyone is able to weight-in the votes based on available data. However, there are still area of improvements to keep the community acquainted. You can learn more here How to use NEAR Protocol & Astro DAO - YouTube


Cool, what about multi account users? Is there any way we can solve this? Since it is really hard to determine if a particular account belongs to the same person or not

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Raising some concerns regarding Astrodao. Just my 2 cents.

Unable to access it at the moment, received a 504 Gateway Time-out Error. While this may not be a permanent error, I’m concerned for the well-being of the DAO. Imagine having deposited a rather significant amount in the Shared treasury, i’m not too sure what are the setbacks when the Astrodao service goes offline.

From the footer of the page, i noticed that it is linked to SputnikDAO 2021 which appears to be another service. The lack of “contact us” kindda information is rather concerning as well, since there’s no real way of contacting the service provider if any issues occurs.

Wallet: brighttux.near

I’d like to upvote myself to be a community council.
I’m a developer, and currently an ambassador for unique one project. I have been attending to queries from the community and providing assistance to the team in various tasks such as a moderator in the testnet telegram group, attending meetings with external collaborators.
I plan to be a community council to further assist the development of this project. I appreciate the fact that this project has kept the community at its core. A true example of a decentralized platform, and i’m glad to be a part of it.


I think the following link can address your concern
where sputnikdao is the parent and astrodao is the child


Hey guys! Seems I am a day late to the party.
My Name is CJ, I lead UON team. We have been building past whole year on Octopus and NEAR and nearing completion of Appchain and StakeNet as well. The timing seems to be perfect.

looking forward interacting here with everyone and keep building.


Good work!!! I am sure that the future brings very good things for the UON family.

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good question, I believe each user will have their profile legitimacy verified if any duplicity is to be found, nonetheless the best practice is to keep the community posted with suspicious activities!


Hey CJ, good to have you onboard this guild!


I vouch for Pedro! He is an awesome photographer and creator, I’d like to see him create more art.

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