[Introduction] Myriad Community Guild

App Address: Myriad.Social


Guild Leader: Jean-Daniel Gauthier (DannyJakarta)

Guild AstroDAO Address: https://myriad-user-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Guild Location: Worldwide (Incorporated in Seychelles)

Details of the project

Myriad.Social is the up and coming social platform on the Near and Octopus ecosystem –launched in January, it has already attracted nearly 37000 users.

It is a decentralized (Web3+federated) social platform where users can take ownership of their Myriad-native and Web2 social media content, and viralize it through custom timelines without interference from content discovery algorithms. It comes with our own interoperable metaverse: Myriad.Town.

The Myriad Community Guild members would include users, instance owners, developers, community managers, etc.

Details of the Guild

Guild Mission Statement

The Myriad Community Guild aims to create an end-to-end engagement platform for future NEAR projects to reach out to existing and new users. Myriad.Social will act as a social layer which will amplify communications, promotions, discussions, rewards and everything marketing.

Myriad.Social will help:

  • Users maintain their web2 social media presence and enjoy the benefits of a decentralized web3 platform.
  • By becoming the one-stop AMA platform for NEAR and OCTOPUS projects.
    • Projects can run events like:
      • AMAs
      • Q&As
      • Interviews
      • Metaverse Parties
    • Projects tip and send rewards with their PROJECT TOKENS during or after the events.
  • Provide the necessary support for branding activities for NEAR and Octopus projects.
  • Onboard and support new users to Myriad.Social and Myriad.Town
  • Onboard users to the NEAR and OCTOPUS ecosystem
  • Foster 3rd party development on the top of the Myriad platform

The community can transparently propose and vote on current or future features, while the core team can remain focused on executing and growing the platform from a technical and marketing point of view.

Here is a non exhaustive list of the activities that can be decided by the guild:

  • Enhancement proposals for core and non-core features
  • Proposal and development of DAPPs
  • Seeking technical and marketing partners
  • Additional tipping tokens
  • Bounties programs.
  • Events (AmAs, parties, broadcast, thematic timeframes)
  • Onboarding of influencers and/or communities

Project Roadmap

We started our development in June 2021 and now have 36840 users. We have successfully integrated Twitter and Reddit timeline import and claiming, tipping with $MYRIA, $NEAR, and soon $DEIP, $ATO, and several other tokens, as well as the curation of custom timelines (experiences).

As you can see in the roadmap below, Myriad Social requires solid community involvement, for onboarding as well as for building:

  • Q2 2022

Experience Improvement

l10n templates

Federated Instance phase 1

Mobile Web View

  • Q3 2022

Federated Instance phase 2

Open API for community

  • Q4 2022

Integration with Reality Chain

Myriad Ads

NFT PFP Verification

  • Q1 2023

Developer Community Activation:

Myriad Chat

Myriad NFT

Scraper Automation

  • Q2 2023

Developer Community Activation:

Social Token

Tokenize Community

Partners and collaborators

  • RealityChain: RealityChain is a metaverse-as-a-service platform providing 2D metaverse engines accessible from the web. Metaverses generated through RealityChain are highly customizable, deployed quickly and soon will have the possibility to be interconnected.

  • Octopus Network: Octopus network is NEAR-based multi chain interoperable crypto-network for launching and running Web 3.0 Substrate-based, EVM compatible application-specific blockchain, aka appchains.


Omg! Myriad Guild is finally here~
Myriad Social itself is really such a great project. I’m using their website and I like their interface. Very refreshing!


Thanks for sharing, Danny! FYI everyone, you can easily start doing AMAs on Myriad, and there are multiple ways to do it!

Text AMA:

  • make an AMA post on Myriad and tip and answer all the comments
  • make an AMA experience on Myriad and tip and answer all of the posts
  • make an AMA on Twitter, have people answer with hashtags, and tip and answer the posts on Twitter FROM myriad

Voice AMA:

  • same as above for audience questions, but the AMA itself happens on myriad.town!

Contact @Danny_Myriad_CEO and @arcan8888 for more details!


This is awesome! Now we’re one step closers to making social media as decentralised as possible.


Hey, Hi. I am in Myriad but I haven’t started using my profile yet. I won tokens at MarmaJ’s Farm but I don’t know what to do with them. I think I started the AMA, help? Ahahahaah and welcome Guild ideia. :sunglasses::fist_right::fist_left::star_struck:


Hello! We can help you with setting-up an AmA, just ask the question on our telegram group, and someone will answer: Telegram: Contact @myriadsocial


Awesome we at NEAR NIGERIA and octopus newwork africa will be hosting spaces soon enough :grinning:


This will be the most overpowered social media on web3 space! Bullish!


This is awesome! It’s an honor for us in RealityChain to have a partnership with Myriad


Finally :partying_face::partying_face: our own Guild :raised_hands:, btw everyone lets catchup at myriad with lots of AMA and much more​:fire::fire:


Wew, a web3 social media that censorship resistant!