Tamago, the NEAR partnered music streaming initiative, introduces Tama Island where performances and events hosted by Tamago occur in the official NEAR Protocol metaverse, NEAR Hub metaverse. These meetups and virtual performances are intended to invite and engage artists and performers as launch prep for its music streaming platform.

The members of the Tama Island DAO seek to use these events as a pedestal for engaging artists with the Tamago initiative and also use it as a means of getting to know patrons who will be early adopters of its technology. Hosting these weekly gatherings enables artists to engage with founders, as well as fellow creatives and enthusiasts. As the Social media engagement grows and flows into the Tamago Telegram channel, newcomers to the project enter in and are immediately invited to join us at the upcoming metaverse event that week.

The founders and community builders wish to cultivate a community easily accessible by artists and relevant creatives in the NEAR Ecosystem through the web3 tools we can access by being on chain and not gatekeeping - an avenue that will inevitably lead creatives to choose NEAR. The mission of Tamago is aligned with NEAR’s mass adoption mantra and desire to bring Web3 awareness.

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