Introduction to NAMMA TRIBE DAO

“NAMMA TRIBE,” which translates to “Our community,” Is dedicated to spreading awareness about web 3 via entertainment. We, the NAMMA TRIBE, have created India’s first Microchip art, transforming physical art into digital form through animation, rotoscoping, illustration, and more. Our focus is on showcasing the artists behind these art forms. We also raise awareness in communities that have traditional art forms such as poikkal kuthirai, kalaripayattu, silambam, and sangakala music instruments through NFTs. Additionally, we have created hybrid NFT tickets for shows featuring Singer Pradeep Kumar, Motta Maadi Music, and Dj Navs & Deepika.

Our team members are:

Charan.near - soulfulnft, also a Genesis member of Colours of India

Dj Navz - insta:vdjnavz

Deepika - insta:deejaydeepika

NammaDAO vision:

Our vision is to raise awareness about disruptive technology using entertainment and guide the masses, influencers, and artists in efficiently adapting to web 3.


Onboarding masses via entertainment to near protocol.

Gamifying the concert industry using NFTs and educating the youth about the adoption of web3.

Creating the Namma music festival to onboard the masses into the community DAO through festivals.

Conducting various programs and competitions to preserve our historical values through NFTs.

Creating a programmable ticketing and licensing platform for production houses.

Succesful events by us

Rocky movie Kollywood NFT drive- 400 pax

Social NFT gallery Bangalore indias first NFT gallery

Namma music festival Phoenix market city -2500pax

Hybrid concert - metaverse and live Pradeep kumar on the block -300pax

Namma club gig with POAP distribution-500 pax

Tamilnadu tourism board music night -3000 pax

What’s Next?

After a few successful events in Chennai, we are planning to activate events in South Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia and onboard people into our ecosystem through entertainment.

We are currently building the MVP for the ticketing and licensing platforms and onboarding production teams and venue partners to use it.

We are happy to welcome all of you on board to our fun-filled DAO.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to clarify them.