Introduction to FU22YDICE

Hello all! Please allow me to introduce our new guild, FU22YDICE, focusing on usability and consisting of a creative group of artists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, business managers, skilled tradespeople, civic servants and commoners, where each holds a unique perspective of the human experience. The purpose of this guild is to educate, collaborate and curate human problems. We are super excited to add NEAR developer groups within FU22YDICE that will be building some of the solutions to these problems.

We also look forward to collaborating with other guilds, projects and individuals within the ecosystem, where interactions could intersect with areas like user testing, idea validation and research.

If you are interested in joining the conversation, please message me @takoau on Telegram

Looking forward to sharing more exciting updates soon!


What’s the name of your Guild and which country are you located in? Thanks.

Our guild name is FU22YDICE. We are located in Forida, US.

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Welcome Tako – glad to have you all in the Ecosystem ! If you and any other members are free to touch base lets have a sync and see if we can scheme anything for the future in the Ecosystem :slight_smile:

Sounds great. If you can message me your availability, it would be great to meet and discuss!

@takoau on Telegram

Thanks very much @shreyas for the connect with @Ozymandius! I received such a great welcome into the community. With this kind of support, every Guild will :rocket: …looking forward to future collaborations!