[Introduction] Rebelwise DAO

Peace everyone! We are Rebelwise DAO, a digital extension of Rebelwise, an innovative artist collective utilizing the power of music to uplift our people and our communities.


We produce music and videos weaving modern Hip-Hop, world-fusion, and traditional elements with multiple languages and cultures represented, especially highlighting artists of the African-diaspora and Indigenous lineages. Our music delivers on a high-caliber level, with street appeal and intentional lyricism, promoting life-affirming values. In other words, the message is potent and the music makes us want to move our body!

Our main goal is to continue to creatively engage with the collective consciousness of the moment, producing an ongoing body of work, with cohesive-quality and message, continuously unfolding through the inspired creativity of the artists and collaborators involved, pointing the way towards liberation. Our music videos have bold visuals and an emphasis on storytelling, to assist the music, as a vehicle for audiences to connect with the deeper meaning. Our live music events (both in-person and livestream) celebrate the power of community while providing inspiring and fun, culturally-relevant gatherings. We intend for this to be a catalyst to bring people together, with aligned intentions, collectively moving forward to co-create the new paradigm.

We offer an alternative to the centralized entertainment industry that promotes fantasy, escapism and messages that are degrading, especially the most vulnerable youth in our community. We send out a call to the global sub-culture of audiences hungry for music that resonates with purpose.

The meaning of our name: Rebel speaks to the warrior energy to stand strong in our convictions, to face the varied forms of systematic oppression and parasitic-predator energy, and to honor our inner-truth. Wise speaks to choosing to engage with life from a deeper awareness, recognizing our place in the universe, as one part of the web of Creation. The decolonizing process begins within, and our music / video carries seeds for the mind and sparks for the heart, intended to reach the young visionaries and leaders of tomorrow.

We are now in the phase of looking to establish ourselves on a decentralized platform (alternative to YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and transition into offering our music, video and live performances on Web3. We will also offer merchandise with QR codes that connect with our NFT marketplace, leading to give an opportunity for fans to be a part of the unfolding Rebel Wise story and with limitless possibilities in this innovative space.

The initial Rebelwise project was created in July of 2020 – a debut self-titled album, prominently featuring Quincy Davis and Mic Crenshaw. Incubation meetings with professional colleagues were a catalyst to begin the process of development from a single project into an artist collective with ongoing releases. Since then, we have been in a process of clarifying our internal compass, evolving our brand identity, evolving our sound and visual aesthetic, expanding our collaboration network and establishing our long-term vision. In April, 2022, we launched our social media and have begun a new chapter!

Since conception, we already have:

  • been through a thorough development process to refine our sound, signature style and visual aesthetic.
  • released four professional-quality music videos.
  • cultivated a small but growing following, adding on to a previous mailing list, now with over 1200 subscribers.
  • performed at over 15 events, in and around the Portland area and world-wide, via livestream.
  • visited over 20 middle schools and high schools as guest performers, speakers and workshop leaders
  • been featured on Davey D’s Hard Knock Radio (KPFA 94.1 FM) via an interview with Mic Crenshaw of Rebelwise
  • had our music featured on Democracy Now
  • established relationships with powerful artistic collaborators from around the world
  • produced two follow-up albums, to be rolled out, which are currently about 75% complete
  • established our main audio-video production collaboration project partner, Seven Vision Studios, who will produce most of our music video and associated content.
  • created the Rebelwise DAO and began partnerships with multiple other collaborative groups including EFAM Dao, Kin DAO, and Primorida DAO.

We were able to make all of this happen with only personal investment and 3 active team members. With expanded resources and community, our goals can be met with more ease and efficiency, and we will have more opportunity to carry through with our creative visions at full capacity!

Moving forward, our immediate next steps are to:

  • bring a social media manager onto the team.
  • complete and release two music videos, to complete our initial offering of six music videos, from the debut album.
  • begin a podcast in the summer of 2022, featuring guest wisdom keepers, healers, culture bearers, artists, producers and entrepreneurs.
  • release the first single of the next album, followed by a promotional campaign and release of the full project, developed for NFTs and the Web3 space.

Our greater vision is to:

  • continue to expand our artist collaboration network, especially through initiating reciprocal relationships with indigenous communities and artists who sing / rap in their native tongue.
  • establish ourselves as a brand / culture with integrity and build trust with thousands of world-wide followers, utilizing decentralized platforms (Web3).
  • establish a process to deliver a percentage of all profits to support the preservation and revitalization of indigenous languages.
  • collaborate with other collectives and organizations that are a part of co-creating the new paradigm, in alignment with world-wide indigenous movements, away from extraction-economy towards land-stewardship, and shine light on projects that create sovereign communities, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

We believe that we are in the greatest time ever, for world-wide collaboration, with the opportunity for communicating, collaborating and sharing creative ideas in real-time, via emerging technology. We are laying ground for a world-wide collaborative platform for independent musicians and artists. We offer art pieces with an element of bridging-cultures, supporting more mutual understanding and collective healing, as one family of human beings.

We invite you to join us and we are thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate! We are honored to have been introduced to NEAR and the Creatives DAO and are looking forward to creating and growing together. Salute and one love.



Wow what a thorough and beautiful introduction! Thanks for putting in the effort to really communicate yourselves with the Creatives community. I’m very excited to have you here and be collaborating with you in Primordia!


Thank you @adrianseneca ! We’re super excited to be here and collaborate as well!

I am excited for this! This is critical work for the healing of this world. It is important to reach the youth whose perceptions and focuses are being littered by our dominate systems for us to create a better humanity for the future. The youth are getting their life ques from storytelling in music and social media. Creating this work with Rebel Wise is a perfect opportunity to help them engage with ideas and wisdom that can heal our humanity.

From the Rebel Wise DAO “We offer an alternative to the centralized entertainment industry that promotes fantasy, escapism and messages that are degrading, especially the most vulnerable youth in our community. We send out a call to the global sub-culture of audiences hungry for music that resonates with purpose.”

More of this please!