Here is our previous month’s report for July.

July-August Approved proposal

Project Name: Rebelwise DAO → Introduction

Project Status: Warrior Vow Music VideoCompleted.

Original Approved proposal.

Warrior Vow → Project Explainer.

Council members

Current DAO balance: 12 NEAR

AstroDAO: rebel-wise.sputnik-dao.near

We have successfully completed our goals this month, including producing our 7th REBELWISE music video, Warrior Vow.

Metrics for Success

  • 1 music video completed: Warrior Vow :white_check_mark:
  • Creation of 4 new Rebelwise NFTs for the Web3 space. :white_check_mark:
  • Onboarding 1 new Rebelwise DAO member → @octavusmedia providing education and introduction to the NEAR ecosystem and Web3. :white_check_mark:

Additional highlights

  • Creation of our first Mintbase store and launching of our first NFT.
  • Ongoing education in NEAR, AstroDAO and web3 space for current members.


  • We didn’t receive our funds until late August, so we had to adapt our shooting schedule to complete the project in time.


Total requested / approved: $3000 DAI

All funds have been spent and payouts have been made (please see sceenshots below for reference)

Payout to ashelseasunz.near (Total $100)

  • $100 - featured artist Ashel Seasunz music video performance

Payout to queenblessings.near (Total: $800)

  • $320 - council work
  • $100 - Video production project coordination
  • $80 - Lunch and fuel for performers and crew
  • $300 - Assistance for full-day of video production

Payout to quincydavis.near (Total: $2100):

  • $100 - featured artist Mic Crenshaw music video performance (paid off chain, as he is not yet set up with his own wallet).
  • $100 - featured artist Quincy Davis music video performance
  • $480 - council work
  • $600 - Music video editing
  • $120 - Additional visual effects / animation
  • $700 - Concept development / pre-production, directing / camera work full-day of video production

Total paid out: $3000

Thank you @creativesdao-mods] :blue_heart: :fire:

Below are images of the above-mentioned payouts:

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