Hello Near Community!
We are starting our Dao, the Octópode Dao, inspired by our studio.
Our main goals are Art, Technology and Innovation.
Provide training for artists, use technology to share information with the community, courses and experiences.
To provide innovative environment for experience exchange.
Besides sharing advertising and marketing content.
Respecting the creative experience flow of each Dao member, and participants of the trainings. Committing ourselves to deadlines and the community.

Each tentacle of the octopus is a part of a whole.

We would also like to share what Near is like, and make information accessible, through trainings, such as how to create a Dao!

Roadmap, In Q1:

April: Organization of the DAO.
Introduce Dao on social media. ( Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Discord)

May: Create the Dao store at mintbase, where future participants after the trainings can mint their works.

June: Start a research class on gov.near.
The first topic: what is Near?
And from the first generating theme Create a newsletter in Portuguese and English.

**Starting in June we will present a proposal to Creatives-Dao

@Natashacremonese Art Professor/ Art Educator, by training, graduated by UNINTER, studying Post-Graduation in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture.


I teach in public and private schools, as well as social projects.
I invite you to learn a little about my work.
I also had proposals approved at Near in Marketing Dao, and in the Daos that I am also part of Gambiarra Dao and Metaverse Dao.

@ViniciusGCP94 Vinícius Gabriel Correia Pereira is a programmer and front-end, also had his project approved by Marketing Dao, and is part of Gambiarra Dao.

@Carlos actor and director, Theater teacher graduated from the Federal University of Pelotas, State Cultural Producer;

Report february 02/22

We will be happy to share and experience even more with the Near community.


The ‘‘tentacles’’ that characterize the guidelines and values of our dao are:

Innovation, Education, Art, Technology, Collectivity, Research, Communication and Social.

EDUCATION: Here we understand education as the formation of artists in the functioning of NEAR. To train artists to have a broad understanding of how this community works, making them think about how their artistic work can dialogue with the community and forming networks that dialogue with each other and with the external community of NEAR.

RESEARCH: We value research as a form of autonomous education that extends the responsibility to create, develop, and discover to the researcher, thus generating a personal value as well, not only of learning, but of living with the community, with the near system, and strengthening the spirit of curiosity. And it is through research, and the presentation of new ideas, and new questions that a more decentralized and innovative society is built.

ART: Without it, what would we be? Or better yet, without them?
The arts are what they inspire, and convey, are what they explain, and leave us questioning as well. Art for sure is one of our strongest and main tentacles, we have in our dao, artists and art teachers as councils and members. And it is these people, us, who build these ideas, and values with the community, thinking art, living art is for sure a motto of the Octopode Dao. We prioritize living art.

COMMUNICATION:Communication is a must, we value communication, through marketing, through the arts, through the vast forms of expression.
To communicate is to inform.

TECHNOLOGY: We value the use of technologies for creation, education, art, innovation. Through them we can communicate, experience, transform realities, and create new ones.

INNOVATION: Without diversity there is no innovation. Let’s remember that this division values diverse projects that embrace these values, and that think about innovating, be it ideas or attitudes.

SOCIAL: Going beyond the virtual community. With the goal of bringing NEAR’s work to the public and to the field, Octopode dao intends to externalize its work to communities, peripheries, schools, community centers, NGOs, associations, collectives and other forms of social associations, so that the public outside NEAR has access to the making and artistic enjoyment, allowing them access to the arts developed by Octopode as well as knowledge of this virtual community.

COLLECTIVITY/COLLECTIVITY: Collectivity is synonymous of diversity, of communicating and sharing, of solving in a collective way. Our Dao values firm and strong foundations, so that we can flow without dismantling what we have built with so much dedication. Building is also collective, we can experience the individual, but without the collective experience it would be very complicated, even for us to exist. Communicating collectively, and finding ourselves in our differences, sharing is one of the most important goals of this dao, besides building collectively.


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Too happy to be part of this team! Let’s go! Let’s go! @Natashacremonese :wink:


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very cool and pertinent initiative!
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I would love to see this project in progress!!!
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Oh, @Natashacremonese, super interesting that you are opening a DAO for educational and marketing content. Is that right? I loved the idea. I would just like to understand if I understood it correctly.

I would love to see the links concerning your studio, to understand your DAO better. Which is each part of the octopus? I am curious! :smiley:

What kind of training are you providing for artists? Marketing training? So your main focus would be educational content for individuals on near blockchhain concerning marketing and social media for them?



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I would be interested to learn what each tentacle is.


Esse trabalho esta ficando muito bonito

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Dear ones, congratulations on the initiative. I can only praise all the professionals involved both for the dedication you have always shown in your work, and for the quality of human beings that you are, as well as for your generosity in having helped me a lot with the social networks of the FEMINU exhibition and dissemination. In the certainty that you will carry out essential work of great quality for the community, I wish you all success!


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:pray: Let’s go together! @Natashacremonese


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