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The northern part of Nigeria is home to 60–75% of the Nigerian population, 90% of whom are Hausa speakers, with around 3-4 million active blockchain/crypto users and native influencers, content creators, and developers.

The region has had a well established Web2 tech community for more than a decade and is ranked as one of the regions with the highest tech specialists in the country (Nigeria), a community with a population of more than 150 million people, yet they don’t have a better idea or knowledge of the Near Protocol blockchain, or Web3, and its impact within our region.

The Near Hausa Community (NHC) has set clear goals and objectives to promote education, awareness, and adoption of the Near Protocol blockchain and Web3 technology within the Hausa-speaking community in the northern part of Nigeria.

Near Hausa Community Focus:

Our community is a language-based community centered around the Near ecosystem. We aim to bring together individuals (builders,creators, and organizations) from the Web2 community and those who are interested in Web3 into the Near protocol to build solutions, especially for local challenges using Near as a BOS, specifically within our region.

Value Proposition:

The Near Hausa Community (NHC) offers a unique value proposition to the Hausa-speaking community in the northern part of Nigeria such as;

Empowering Local Innovation: NHC provides the necessary education, resources, and support to empower individuals and organizations in the region to leverage the Near Protocol and Web3 technology. By embracing these technologies, community members can drive local innovation, develop decentralized solutions to real-life challenges, and contribute to the growth of the region’s economy.

Enhancing Economic Opportunities: Through education, networking, and community-led projects, NHC aims to create a vibrant ecosystem that attracts entrepreneurs, developers, and investors interested in Near and Web3. By fostering collaborations and providing a platform for showcasing talent, NHC seeks to enhance economic opportunities and create new job prospects within the region using Near as a BOS

Preserving Cultural Identity: By focusing on providing educational materials and content in the native Hausa language, NHC ensures inclusivity and encourages the preservation of the region’s cultural identity. This approach allows community members to engage with cutting-edge technologies while staying connected to their language and heritage.

Goals and Objectives:

Education and Awareness: Provide educational resources, tutorials, and content in the local language to help community members understand the Near Ecosystem, blockchain technology, and Web3 concepts within the Near domain.

Student Club: NHC plans to establish partnerships with Web2 university clubs and ambassadors or have representatives in selected universities. The goal is to organize campus activities voluntarily in the native language, similar to the successful Google Student Club model. This will attract students and young individuals, especially in CS/E to learn and engage with Near and Web3 technologies.

Knowledge Sharing: We are going to foster a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration where community members, either developers or creators from other Near communities, can share insights, experiences, and best practices related to the Near protocol and its applications, which are going to be immediately translated into our native language after the program, be it AMAs or workshops.

Networking and Connections: NHC will facilitate networking opportunities for its community members to connect with like-minded individuals, developers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts within the Near Ecosystem community around the world.

Community based Projects: NHC will encourage and support community-led initiatives, hackathons, and projects that leverage the Near protocol to drive innovation and build decentralized applications (Dapps) to solve real-life problems. This will contribute to the growth of the region and the Near ecosystem as a whole.

Inclusivity and Collaboration: NHC creates an inclusive and collaborative community that welcomes individuals from various backgrounds, industries, and skill levels, fostering an environment of mutual respect and support toward the growth of the Near ecosystem in the region.

Bridge Language Barrier: NHC recognizes the importance of bridging the language barrier by translating information about the Near Protocol and Web3 into the local language. This will encourage more industry players to enter the ecosystem and engage them to become ambassadors of the NEAR Protocol in the region.

Our Core Team

Almustapha Abdullahi Wakili: is an accomplished software engineer at ATAFOM International and an esteemed lecturer at Bayero University Kano. With over 5 years of experience in the software engineering field, he’s also a former Near intern and a certified Near developer.

Twitter: binwakili
LinkedIn: binwakeel
Near Social: wakili. near

Muhammad Sagir: (Head of Media Bitkova Academy and Core Founder of MSAGEER DAO Muhammad is a versatile professional with a passion for media and design. As the Head of Media at Bitkova, he is responsible for managing the platform’s online presence and creating engaging content that resonates with its audience. Muhammad is also a skilled YouTuber and community manager, leveraging his creative talents to build a strong online community around Bitkova. He is adept at UI/UX design, ensuring that the platform’s interface is user-friendly and visually appealing.

Twitter: MsageerDAO
LinkedIn: lmuhammad-sagir
Facebook: . muhammedsagirm1
Near Social: msageerdao.near

Abdulhadi Isah Ibrahim: He has been a law profession for a decade, a crypto and blockchain team leader, and an ecosystem builder with a passion for engaging tech-based startup founders and developers to build products that would scale through the global market.
He is the co-founder of Sihaad International Community (SIC), a Hausa crypto community in Nigeria.

Twitter: @ Abdulhadi021
Facebook: @ abdulhadi.azlal
Near Social:

Safiyyah Abdullahi: is a UI/UX designer who is building a career in the web3 space and the blockchain industry. I have a strong focus on engaging in tech-based startups and community moderation, and I am also a community contributor, always seeking to make a positive impact in the space.

Twitter: @ fhiyyerh
Telegram: @ me/fhiyyerh

Aminu Bin Ibrahim: is an Economist, Blockchain Developer, and Ecosystem builder with a passion for engaging tech-based startup founders and developers to build products that would scale through the global market.

Twitter: aminubi
LinkedIn: aminubi
Facebook: aminubi
Near Social: aminubi. near

Muhammad Nasiru: is a scientist and an entrepreneur with a great passion and compassion for building innovative and tech-backed startup projects that solve real-life problems using the simplest approach while putting scalability into consideration.

Twitter: SolutiveThinker
LinkedIn: muhammad-nasiru
Near Social:
Telegram Username: Turerity

Our social media handles and channels:

Telegram: @ nearhausa
Twitter: @ nearhausa
NearSocial: @ nearhausa
Medium: @ nearhausa
Website: nearhausa. org
Facebook: @ nearhausa

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  • NHC Website
  • NHC introduction to offline and online members
  • Introductions to Near,.NDC
  • Introduction to I-am-human

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Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearhausa
Telegram Announcement: Telegram: Contact @NearHausaANN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearHausa


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