[Introduction] MEME DAILY Guild

Guild Name: MEME DAILY Guild
Marketing Category: Social Media
Community: Telegram Group

Guild Leader: @naveen_in
Early Supporters: @zubairansari07 @Kv9990


To empower the open community of blockchain/crypto meme creators.


Increase social media engagement by MEMEs.

Primary Goals

  • Increase social media engagement and impressions for our stakeholders through our initiatives
  • Create a pool of MEME creators for Instant MEME creation
  • Bring engagement on our stakeholders Telegram and Discord groups

Strategies to Achieve the Goals

  • Hosting Daily/Weekly MEME competitions.
  • Using telegram NEAR Tipbot to reward MEMEs.
  • Create and Post MEMEs as a comment or as a tweet from social media account on our stakeholders accounts.

NEAR Community members, Guilds, DAOs, dAPPS, communities etc.

:::::: Current Status of the Community ::::::

Join our Telegram to get involved



Definitely a great initiative


One of the those places in the world where you can scroll down the chats and are sure to have a lightened mood.
Sarcasm+humor with not only admins being supportive but also the members.

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Great. I hope you will not request $20k budgets like Swine guild and continue work for $2500 a month


November Month Report:

December Month Report:


We are taking paid services from the other Guilds/Dapps

Our paid service packages

Package No Packages Duration Reward
NMD_00 Running Full MEME Community 1 Month $2100
NMD_01 Running Social Media Accounts 1 Month $1200
NMD_02 Mini MEME Contest 6 Hours $25
NMD_03 One Day Contest 1 Day $75
NMD_04 3 - 7 Days Contest 3 - 7 Day $125
NMD_05 Contest Sharing/ Supporting Pinned Post for 1 Day $10
  • Would you recommend us to other Guilds/ Dapps for the Paid MEME Services?
  • Yes
  • No

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From March onwards we are supporting only MEME contests by NEAR Official Telegram Channel + Reddit ops Team without any charge.


Hey, @naveen_in Can you update a link to the telegram community if it still exists? Thank you.

the previous telegram group link is currently invalid.


The group exists but in private mode since 4th March.

Reason: Our group got attacked two times by bots on 4th March.
After the 1st attack, the admins removed the bots and we added the Rose bot to secure the group. But after a few hours, the bots attacked again and since then after consulting with our admins @zubairansari07 @Roshangeek we have made the group private. Right now our admins are removing the bots and once the group is clean again we will open it for the public.

All our existing members are still inside the group. We need three more days to make it public again.


The process of removing the bots is completed :slightly_smiling_face:
The old Link is LIVE again.
We are glad to have you with us in the group.

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January + February Month Approved Report

  • March + April + May Month Approved Budget
  • March Month Report
  • April Month Report

LOL! Love the way you’re building a meme community! Good work mate :heart_eyes:

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