[Approved] NEAR MEME DAILY [March+April+May] Funding

Introduction Forum Post: [Introduction] MEME DAILY Guild

> Guild Name: MEME DAILY
> Project Name: NEAR MEME DAILY
> Payment Request Month: March + April + May
> Project Accounting: $ 12,700 

Report: The report consists of the 4 sections

  1. Social Media Growth Report
  2. Meme Contests Report
  3. Funding Request Amount
  4. Connect with Us
  1. Social Media Report
Twitter March
Impression 28.5K
Profile Visit: 17K
Followers: 2,394
Telegram March
Members 338
Active users 150 (44.64%)
New users 1894
Avg. daily msgs. 277

On 3rd March, bot attack on our Telegram group created the addition of multiple new users (bot) later they were removed.

  1. MEME Contest Report: 383

Total: 383 + 375 = 748

A: Daily Theme MEMEs: 383
B: Paid Contest MEMEs: 375

Sr. No. Topic MEMEs
1 NEAR in February 5
2 Multichain*Near 7
3 Memes on Near protocol 5
4 Rose on AURORA 11
5 Bastion Protocol on Aurora 12
6 Women in Near Fintech 12
7 Near reached 1.12B TVL 8
8 Near full time developers 10
9 Near guilds Importance 13
10 Farm me launch on Aurora 15
11 Uniq art Mainnet Meme competition 30
12 Community Dao 102
13 Near telegram verification 14
14 Juno labs buidling on Near 16
15 Near Mainnet Growth in 24 months 24
16 Near kits. 18
17 Bastion protocol Tvl 9
18 Near *Metaton (some deip memes) 22
19 Near * SailGp 24
20 Dao’s On Near 26
Total 383
  1. Requested amount: 12,700 USDT

Due to increase in the activities and the engagement, our Guild Monthly payment is revised.

Previous Reward Break Up we were working on since November → Feb

New Reward Breakup:

  1. Community Management : $1500
  2. Managing NMD Telegram: $250 X 2 = $500
  3. Supporting Staff: $100 X 2 = $200
  4. Social Media Handlers (Twitter + Reddit) : $300
  5. Discord Server Admin (Starting from 1st week of April): $200
  6. New Language MEME channels (India, Philippines, Spanish): $200X3 = $600
  7. [Reward] 5 Active Community Members : $150 X 5 = $750
  8. [Reward] Tips : $800
Activity March April May
Guild Work 2500 3300 3300
Tips + Rewards Received 1550 1550
Total 2500 4850 4850

Monthly Total: 2500 + 4850 + 4850 = 12,200
Website (https://memedaily.app) ($500 One Time)

Final Total: 12,200 + 500 = $ 12,700

  1. Connect with Us
  1. Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearMemeDaily
  2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearMemeDaily
  3. Instagram: Login • Instagram
  4. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NEARmemedaily
  5. Medium: NEAR MEME DAILY – Medium

Tagging @marketingdao-council for the report review



Good evening, could you please introduce the new language channels leaders / content manages?



India: @iamanansari
Philippines: @ImJami2017
Spanish: Luis https://twitter.com/OdiosoAmoroso


I would love to help and being part of community in NEARMEME DAILY . I believe that in a pass down generations,people start to think and become creativity, art’s is one of the biggest impression that we see along the social media’s.

People invented this types of illustration that will show expressions or feelings that we can deliver our messagaes around the world and this is what we called “Meme’s”.

Meme’s gives intuation of an element,cultures or a system of behaviour to emphasize our ideas, style, or spreading our messages to everyone.

And NEARMEME DAILY is one of the biggest contribution that helps the other community projects to delivered messages around the world of social medias.

Our goal is to spread and expands positivity in the projects as well as the community. This NEARMEME DAILY will gives supports for all projects in NEAR Community.


Since very beginning i am the part of NMD community, have seen the growth, have seen the contributions how OG memers contributing to the Ecosystem.

And now I am very happy to see NMD going big with some new branches, defenatily I am ready to give my best to bring out the best for the Ecosystem.
Thanks @naveen_in for opting me :hugs:


Thanks guys @iamanansari @naveen_in @ImJami2017
happy to approve your proposal :muscle:


Thnk you for approving our proposal sir/mam @Dacha :hugs:,. we will give our best to grow this community and hoping we gave more successfull achievement in NEAR community.


Awaited new plans coming into play! We would try our best to give the best outcome of the plans! :crossed_fingers:


Hi Naveem, I’m Luis (@odiosoamoroso on twitter). Thanks for taking into account for managing the Spanish discord channel. Hope this proposal gets approved and we start working on the server ASAP, love the Near Meme Daily community and would love to work towards its growth


@naveen_in another well presented funding proposal.

Great to see your new team members @LuisEndrinal @ImJami2017 and @iamanansari introduce themselves and I look forward to seeing their contribution to promote NEAR memes to new language communities.

Happy to Approve this one!


Happy to support this as well. Thanks to the new team members for posting on the forum!


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


Ps: thank You for Community DAO contest :muscle: Wen Near Games? :blush:


Were very thnkfull for this approval :hugs: , thnk you sir/mam and community council for supporting NEAR meme groups. Were very excited to gve our best in this projects.


Thanks @marketingdao-council for approving the funding request.

@Dacha : This weekend we will do the contest for the NEAR Games. :slight_smile:


Always a pleasure working with these guys :smile:


Thank you for incredible work

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Our New Channels

Discord Server MEME DAILY
Telegram India Telegram: Contact @memedaily_in
Telegram Philippines Telegram: Contact @memedaily_ph
Telegram Spanish Telegram: Contact @memedaily_sp

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