[Introduction,May 2022] Reggae is bigga than music DAO


Greetings NEAR Creatives Community!

Reggae is Bigga Than Music DAO is honored to represent those with the courage to expand!
I AM DivinityOne M Selah, an accomplished reggae artist, and a Life-Coach who works with groups, and individuals using meditation and mindset practices to empower them to get what they’re worthy of. Whatever they came here for! And as a meditation guide, I focus on creating transformative experiences by merging these 3 modalities.

Our objective is to create NFT music, art designs, and other forms of messaging such as memes and videos to promote and encourage the practice of meditation from a resonance mindset. We guide ones within the importance of staying centered and grounded while navigating life in and out of the metaverse.

RBTM DAO serves as a reminder to keep us present with mindfulness meditation.
“Consciousness is a practice!”…Meditation is self-love!
We are grateful for the support from Dandelions and Honeybees Dao in helping us to create our Dao and their continued mentorship through their newly created 9INES DAO.

We look forward to collaborating and cultivating some positive-fun-lasting experiences with this community!


Great to see you here!!!

Hello @Divinityone. Happy to see another DAO rising here. But Can you put on your introduction a little BIO from the council members? I think that is could give more power to your DAO and show to the community why this council is a good council to management this DAO.

Look this example:

Ok, cool. Thank you!

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