[Introduction] Introducing 55SP DAO

What is the 55SP?

55SP is a multidisciplinary project whose principal objective is to spread contemporary art, fostering new collectors and artistic production through independent projects, with an experimental character and a belief in art as a transformation tool.

Among recent projects: Quarantine (2020), a model of economic re-imagination for the arts market, a project created to encourage the production and sale of works during and according to the quarantine conditions and the Reconecte Project +5511 (2021) with the aim of transforming and reoccupying public spaces of São Paulo´s suburbs, the project features workshops and installations by visual artists such as Raphael Escobar and Sallisa Rosa and had support from the Municipal Secretary of São Paulo

With an interest in the intersection of music and art, researching it over past few years, a few recent projects: Ressonância (2022), a project in partnership with CCSP that addresses publishes fairs, podcasts and exhibition, Black Shabat (2018) he co-organized with Casa do Povo, Dissonante (2017) curated by Marcio Harum and Julia Morelli.




Black Shabat


Acting since 2017 as a researcher and agent for artistic projects in transdisciplinary formats and in free territories, it uses as connecting threads: the curatorship of multiples, editions and also projects in intersection with other areas of the arts: such as music, architecture, cuisine and others we strongly believe in create and improve a platform in which from the Portuguese-speaking world can collaborate, onboarding new people/networks to the Near platform and community.

55SP Goals

Organize exhibitions, workshops, talks and online art residencies with mentorship, connecting curators/researchers and artists.

To create bridges and intersections between different areas of art along with visual art.

Promote democratic projects and with decentralized access

Encouraging artists to think about multiple formats for their artworks.

To articulate art projects with social impact.

It aims to approach visual art and intersections in response to the diversity of cultural movements.

55SP Activities in Progress

This DAO has currently 4 projects being developed:



/Publishers Encounter

#01 29/30 January 2022

#02 19/20 March 2022

#03 August 2022


#01 19 March 2022 - Espaço CAMA / 55SP

#02 April 2022 - Espaco CAMA/ 55SP

#03 01 to 5 june 2022 - Arpa Art Fair


Biweekly from January 2022

Ressonancia project, aims to dialogue between visual and sound arts and address the diversity of cultural movements. These first dialogues will take place using the centenary of the Week of Modern Art and through meetings between publishers - IKREK, Desapê, AMA Sonora, Potência Ativa, Hueso Records, culminating in a first meeting of editors, between January 29 and 30, 2022 on the Flávio de Carvalho from CCSP; and, a podcast of the same name, with episodes published from January to March, produced in partnership with Produção Preta and Estúdio CCSP, holding discussions in a democratic, accessible and global way of the transdisciplinary experience of art.

On March 19, at Vila Modernista Flávio de Carvalho, there will be an installation curated by Carollina Lauriano, artist Mônica Ventura and Coletivo Coletores in partnership. The group will perform projections on the facade of the Espaço C.A.M.A house that houses 55SP, celebrating the legacy of the centenary of the 1922 Modern Art Week and bringing the discussion about the historical erasure of black artists in the period.

Resonance is a show of investigation and research. It aims to approach art, sound in response to the diversity of cultural movements, in the processes of immigration, globalization and nationality.


Culture Municipal Secretary of São Paulo City

Centro Cultural São Paulo


Produção Preta (SP - BR) , Estudio Aro (SP- BR), Ikrek Edições (SP-BR),

Desape (SP-BR), Hueso Record (NY- US) AMA Sonora (SP - BR), Potência Ativa (RJ- BR)

Artistic Editions Projects

55SP commissions at least 6 annual artist projects in edition format.

For the first semester 2022 are in progress

Artistic Project #01

Regina Parra - Maenad

February / March / April 2022

/Exhibition @ Galeria Jaqueline Martins (partner)

/Artist and Curator Talk

/ Art Fair @ Arco Madrid

Artistic Project #02

Bruno Baptistelli Grillz

March/ April/ May 2022

/Exhibition @ Espaço CAMA

/Virtual edition - TBD

Artistic Project #03

Fábio Tremonte - Ponto Fixo

May/ June/ July 2022\

/Exhibition - venue TBD

Mothering - Project and Exhibition in partnership with Kupfer Project (London-UK)

Online and Offline Exhibition

London TBC: 25th of June - 06th of August 2022

São Paulo TBC: 03th of August - 03th of September 2022

‘because mothering is love by any means necessary’ - Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Revolutionary Mothering

Mothering: an ongoing act of parenting and caregiving whose labour extends everywhere, but is often rendered invisible. Mothering can be done by anyone.

We would like to create an exhibition and accompanying public programme centring motherhood in its spectrum, inviting artists to speculate on how mothering and being an artist coexist. The artists we would like to invite deal with motherhood in their practices, or are mothers/parents themselves who make work around caring, responsibility and protection.

Demonstra Project



55SP Social Networks

55SP is an online and offline platform for artistic research founded in March 2017… Demonstra’s visual identity was created by Vivoeusébio studio and we have a logo, identity manual and our own website.

55SP’s social network has approximately 14,5 thousand followers distributed between Instagram’s and Facebook’s own profiles; and we have a newsletter mailing with more than 3000 emails from project partners and supporters.


instagram: @_55sp

Facebook: Redirecting...

55SP Nuclear Team

Direction_ Julia Morelli

Production_ Pedro Rahal

Design_ Giovanna Langone


55SP DAO Team

Direction Julia Morelli @juliamorellii55sp.near

Operations Rebecca Johnson @RebeccaJ rejoh.near

Mentoring Juliana Matsumura @JulianaM jmm.near

Mentoring Daniel Moraes @dani danimore.near

April 2022

  1. Exhibition Launch Regina Parra - Maenad
  2. Artist and curator talk Regina Parra
  3. Exhibition Launch Bruno Baptistelli - Grillz
  4. Ressonância Podcasts (2)
  5. Bruno Baptiselli’s project virtual catalog
  6. Demonstra Exhibition
  7. Promote Ressonância Project - publishers and exhibition

May 2022

  1. Exhibition Launch Fábio Tremonte - Ponto Fixo
  2. Ressonância Podcasts (2)\
  3. Fabio Tremonte’s project virtual catalog
  4. Ressonancia’s project virtual catalog

June 2022

  1. Ressonancia Exhibition and project space @ Arpa Art Fair (SP- BR)
  2. Ressonância Talks/ Webinar @ Arpa Art Fair (SP-BR)
  3. Ressonância Podcasts (2)

July 2022

  1. Ressonância Podcasts (2)
  2. Video website for Motherhood virtual exhibition
  3. Mothering’s project virtual catalog

August 2022

  1. Exhibition Motherhood in partnership with Kupfer Projects (London-UK)
  2. Mothering webinar
  3. Ressonancia Radio - Exhibition Online Project

Best Regards
55SP Team


Really good project! Congrats @juliamorelli55sp . So nice have 55SP here!!!


Thank you! Really happy and looking forward @dani


thank you for posting this @juliamorelli55sp looking fwd to see the developments of this new DAO! :blush: great to be involved

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Hey, @juliamorelli55sp exciting stuff here. I have a QQ.

Are there any contact groups/channel for the 55SP DAO? (Discord/telegram).

Hi @simeon4real Glad to hear you liked the project! I am getting used to the ecosystem and groups, although I am not very familiar with Discord, a little better with the telegram, foufn out teh ghroup was private and just opened now, will be a pleasure to talk to you through there.

Thanks and talk to you soon

Yaassss, Thanks for the prompt response. I have joined the community group and looking forward to more activities. I will hop into the group every now and then :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep up the brilliant work!

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Thankl you so much, always really great to have community members feedback! Please will be great to hear and learn from your experience! Looking forward to it.

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