[Introduction] Gambiarra DAO

Gambiarra DAO is going to be a guild under the Near protocol that would serve creative logistics for the sole purpose of expanding Brazilian Visual Arts on Near blockchain, by giving visibility to Gambiarra, Mintbase and NEAR in real life and in the crypto space. Our intention is to grow our gallery even more, in order to expand NEAR reach in Brazil. In this way, we would account for the projects involving the development of Brazilian visual artists from NEAR, specially from Gambiarra artists, the development of their collective visual art projects and the projects that relate Gambiarra artists with people from other collectives or with social vulnerable people, thus improving Gambiarra and NEAR’s social relevance.

Who We Are:
Gambiarra Community is a collective with more than 100 Brazilian artists on Mintbase, NEAR Blockchain. Our DAO is composed by the most active members of Gambiarra Community, who want to take part in our organization and help the artists to develop their projects. Gambiarra DAO would in its own rights possess autonomy to carry its own initiatives as long as they are inside NEAR Brazilian art and Gambiarra art promotion into the cryptospace and IRL. The idea of promotion of Brazilian visual art is to expand NEAR visibility, for it to be seen by artists and collectors from our blockchain and from other blockchains. One of our goals is to be an onboarding door to near for new Brazilian NFT-artists and collectors and to be a mechanism of social integration for Brazilian artists on NEAR visual art.

Brazilian artists can join our guild by satisfying 3 conditions simultaneously: (1) being a part of our gallery as a minter and of our telegram group, (2) participating in a successfull project or bounty from our DAO, and (3) having their submission to be part of the DAO accepted by the previews members. The first founding members were reunited by the desire to grow the Brazilian visual arts on NEAR, and there were no other selecting criteria than that. The next members should join by criteria.

Council Members
The Philosopher thephilosopher.near @thephilosopher The Philosopher's Links | Linktree
Thais de Almeida Prado filmesdeinfiltracao.near @filmesdeinfiltracao
Leandro Dazo dazo.near @Dazo

General Members
The Philosopher
Alexandre Macieira
Leandro Dazo
Iago dorte sousa
Natasha Cremonese
Mailza Bernard
Thais de Almeida Prado
Fernanda Lopes
Numa Dessas
(other members are still joining, and some are still going into astro)

Our DAO is composed only by the council members and our general members. We already launched this DAO on the Astro DAO platform with council members already chosen by our DAO members.

Our Goals
Gambiarra DAO is an open and democratic collective of Brazilian NFT artists on NEAR Blockchain. Our main intention is to develop Brazilian visual NFT-art on NEAR, by increasing the visibility of Gambiarra Community, Mintbase and NEAR Blockchain, and to increase their relation to Brazilian artists and Brazilian art institutions, through funding visual art exhibitions, virtual and IRL; boost Gambiarra’s social media development; create prizes for Brazilian visual NEAR artists and collectors; filantropic/onboarding projects with some social categories of artists (economic hipossuficiency, gender, sexuality, ethinicy etc).


For the Month of February

  • Courses for Portuguese-Language NFT artists made by Gambiarra artists, including workshops or introductory materials about Mintbase in Portuguese.
  • Build social networks and marketing materials
  • 3XR use, NFT creation, and publicizing
  • To develop a prize for best 3xr gallery made from owned NFTs from Gambiarra Gallery.
  • Art Week 2022 - Homage to the 100 years of the Brazilian Modern Art Week 1922

Ideas (long term)

  • Develop NearHub place for Gambiarra DAO.
  • To onboard Brazilian artists and collectors into NEAR, mainly artists from the described social categories.
  • To develop or to find an art gallery IRL that could exhibit Gambiarra’s Mintbase NFTs, NEAR logo and informations.
  • To build projects to integrate socially vulnerable artists or artists from the social categories.

What’s Next?

We will be submitting a proposal to Creatives DAO for funding to kick off some of the initiatives we have outlined above for February 2022 funding.


Please, visit our Mintbase store (almost 250 near sold, more than 1000 transactions): gambiarra.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

You can also find us on telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat

You can check our AstroDAO here: Astro

And our approval of the council: Astro

Approval of 3 months as the time for the council to be council: Astro

If you have thoughts or questions just drop em below. The team is going to add, edit or remove various elements of this working document before launching into the February Funding Proposal.


We are making history in the Near blockchain and Mintbase!! Great work guys and girls!!


A great pleasure to be part of this team!


I will be submitting a proposal for this DAO soon :wink:

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:smiley: YAY! Wonderful, my friend.

Important do remark that the consuls stays 3 months as the time for the council to be council: Astro having the possibility of a reelection (max 6 months a person stays as council).

In June 2022, the actual councils are
@Dazo January 2022 until now
@Ghini Midi April 2022 until now
@cleusaraven June 2022 until now

Formal councils
@filmesdeinfiltracao January until end of May 2022, passing baton to @cleusaraven
@The Philosopher January until Midi of April 2022, passing the baton to @Ghini

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