[Introduction] Filmes de Infiltração DAO

Filmes de Infiltração DAO

Target: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/filmesdeinfiltracao.sputnik-dao.near


Filmes de Infiltração DAO arises from the desire to facilitate the production of films and their insertion into the web3, acting in partnership between the communities of the metaverse and the communities outside metaverse.

The idea in this DAO is to give light and focus to cinematographic works that have so much difficulty in being made, trying to break the very closed networks of film production and acting in an inclusive way.

We propose to focus on one project at a time, so that we can raise the money to make the projects happen in an honest and successful way.


In our first proposal, Alegria é a Origem do Universo: Uma performance no set de filmagem de Helena Ignez we obtained Nomade Label DAO’s partnership in the metaverse, supporting the production company Mercurio Filmes, (outside the metaverse) to make possible a fragment of a Feature Film.

This proposal brought two very considerable highlights: the inter-DAOS collaboration, with Nomade Label DAO supporting a Filmes de Infiltração DAO project, initiating the onboarding of our DAO, and the contribution with the realization of a scene from the film of one of the most representative Brazilian filmmakers, Helena Ignez, an artist with an extensive and outstanding trajectory.

our second proposal culminated in the film IMPERIO, which is sailing a lot through international film festivals and is having a very nice career. Now we want more and we have 3 feature film projects. One in script writing stage, the other in advanced stage of script writing and in search for funds and the last one in preparation for shooting. This last one was facilitated because it is a super low budget movie, but this is not the reality of all our films, because we believe that each project has its nature, and some stories to be told, require more elements than others.

Our intention as DAO is to take one step at a time to help more and more cinema that is considered underground and off-axis to happen.


For our community work, we have created a few groups each referring to a specific film project.
At this moment we have:

Our FORUM users until now are @thaisampr @theuba.near @filmesdeinfiltracao @joaomarcosdealmeida @nathalialorda1 @rafaelrudolf @anajaralaisa @gustavovinagre

Proposals possibilities:

We intend to open up possibilities for proposals related to script writing, filmmaking, editing and finalising films, be they feature films, medium-length films or short films.

We will also propose, in the near future, some film shows in Meta-verse, with specific themes, in partnership with shows that happen outside the web3.

Step by step, always without losing focus, this is how we intend to go.

We thank in advance the NEAR community and our partners, especially the group in which our family is also part: Nomade Label DAO, Antimetodo DAO and the future Academia Paraguaçuniana de Artes e Ciências Severas DAO from @Severa and fellows.

Filmes de Infiltração
Twitter: @de_infiltracao | Instagram: filmesdeinfiltracao

Greetings to the community
keeping our joy the proof of nine and nursing it with love.


Thanks Thais! Great opportunity to work with you!

its nice to show here, that Filmes de Infiltração DAO was born from nomadelabel bugdet ofsprings :smiley:

And also the first proposal that Filmes realized was last month with #nomadelabel-dao founding request! [the other way around from the predatory logic of doubling DAOs to request more fundings from diferent sources for the same purpose, or wallet, so to speak]

i do believe that…
CINEMA and Near Ecosystem will be a thing…
glad to see it from the beggining

Thanks @filmesdeinfiltracao for your strength as an artist and producer!


Thank you @blusw !!!

I’m happy that the partnership will continue and really happy with the way Filmes de Infiltração DAO was born.
Yes, CINEMA, Web3 and Near Ecosystem will be a thing… <3

I just come also to share here our first DAO’s proposal directly to Creatives DAO:

We hope that our first movie will be born soon! :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :star: :star: :star:

Greetings from metaverse :rainbow:


Academia Paraguaçuniana de Artes e Ciências Severas DAO is coming and looking forward to love, work, play and “matute” with dears @filmesdeinfiltracao, Nômade Label DAO and Antimétodo DAO.


Aimmmmm!!! só venha essa Academia!
We are all looking forward to love, work, play and “matute” with this DAO as well!!!


Im so excited to get to know Filmes de infiltração from the inside as an infiltration


@gustavovinagre welcome to our community! It’s so amazing that you are arriving here!


Gustavo! It’s so good that you are here! Love you!


Me apresentando aqui como a parte que me cabe na produção geral dessas infiltrações!
Espero que todos os projetos se desenrolem lindamente! <3