[REPORT] Imperio's Participation at Frameline47

Report: Imperio’s Participation at Frameline47

Date: 15 July 2023 | 25 July 2023

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This report highlights the successful participation of our film “Imperio” at Frameline47, an esteemed film festival celebrating LGBTQ+ cinema. The film was screened at The Castro Theatre, a historic movie palace in the Castro District of San Francisco, California. This event provided a platform for meaningful discussions on queer bodies, blossoming sexuality, and body politics, all while honoring bodily autonomy. Additionally, we express our gratitude to Projeto Paradiso and Filmes de Infiltração DAO for their valuable support, which contributed to our presence and success at the festival.

1. Frameline47 Screening of “Imperio”

“Imperio” was selected to be part of Frameline47, and it had the privilege of being screened at The Castro Theatre. This iconic cinema holds immense historical and cultural significance, being a powerful symbol of the struggle for preserving cinematic art and independent film exhibition. The screening took place in a session named “THE ACE OF WANDS,” which showcased a captivating collection of short films that delved into themes of desires, bodies, and futures.

The Ace of Wands Program: The Ace of Wands Tarot card represents passion, excitement, and new energy. The short films featured in this program honored queer bodies and explored blossoming sexuality while also challenging and examining body politics. The session embraced ample nudity and heightened eroticism, emphasizing the intoxication of sexuality and the significance of bodily autonomy.

2. Support from Projeto Paradiso, Brazil

We extend our gratitude to Projeto Paradiso, an initiative of the Olga Rabinovich Institute. Their unwavering support proved instrumental in assisting us with the flights from Sao Paulo, Brazil to San Francisco, US. By championing the presence of professionals in film and episodic on the global stage, Projeto Paradiso significantly contributed to our successful participation at Frameline47.

3. Support from Filmes de Infiltração DAO

Filmes de Infiltração DAO played a crucial role in providing essential support during our time at Frameline47. They assisted us with transportation and food, ensuring a seamless experience and allowing us to focus on sharing “Imperio” with a diverse and enthusiastic audience.

Report: 10-Day Trip to San Francisco, California

This report provides an overview of our 10-day trip to San Francisco, California, during which we participated in the Frameline Film Festival. The festival graciously offered a home stay for 5 days in Alameda, approximately 16 km from the theater, and we were fortunate to receive accommodations for the remaining 5 days from a generous hostess. The report outlines our food and transportation expenses during the trip.


Home Stay

  • 5 days offered by Frameline Film Festival in Alameda (16 km from the theater)
  • 5 days offered by the same hostess connected to Frameline

Food Expenses:

  • Minimum daily expense: 70 USD/day
  • Maximum daily expense: 100 USD/day

Transportation Expenses:

  • Bus (10 USD round trip) for 10 days: 100 USD
  • Uber (30 USD) for 3 days: 90 USD
  • Uber (10 USD) for 1 day: 10 USD

Average Total Food Expenses: Average food expenses: (70 USD + 100 USD) / 2 = 85 USD/day

Total Food Expenses for 10 Days: Total food expenses for 10 days: 85 USD/day * 10 days = 850 USD

Total Transportation Expenses for 10 Days: Total transportation expenses for 10 days: 100 USD + 90 USD + 10 USD = 200 USD

Overall Expenditure during the 10-Day Trip: Total expenditure = Total food expenses + Total transportation expenses Total expenditure = 850 USD + 200 USD = 1050 USD


During the 10-day trip to San Francisco, California, our total expenses amounted to approximately 1050 USD. The home stay offered by Frameline Film Festival and the generosity of a hostess significantly contributed to reducing our accommodation costs. We were able to enjoy the festival, explore the vibrant city, and participate in various activities within the budgeted expenses.

We extend our gratitude to Projeto Paradiso, Creatives DAO, Frameline Film Festival and our hostess for their support, making this trip a memorable and successful experience. The opportunities provided by the festival have enriched our artistic journey and fostered valuable connections within the film community.

Throughout the Festival, we were fortunate to engage in various enriching experiences. We had the privilege of participating in the Industry Film Meeting, where we discussed both the film “EMPIRE” and our feature film project, “THE BRAZILWOOD WOMEN.” Additionally, we were delighted to receive an invitation from the NGO Café Kind (cafe.comabraco) to deliver a talk centered around Cinema, womxn, and Brazil. These opportunities allowed us to share our passion for filmmaking and foster meaningful dialogues with fellow enthusiasts and advocates of the arts.

Being in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area has provided us with invaluable insights and a strong desire to return, which will soon become a reality in August. We are thrilled to announce that “EMPIRE” has been selected for screening at the prestigious SFP Film Festival. This exciting opportunity has filled us with anticipation and eagerness to be back in the vibrant atmosphere of San Francisco and share our film with a diverse audience.

We remain optimistic about the outcomes of these endeavours, expecting them to open doors for future collaborations and creative opportunities and for the next steps of EMPIRE and THE BRAZILWOOD WOMEN.

Love to all
and we keep swimming around!
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