[report] maio, 22 – criatura&beri dao

Hello, Creatives!

Gabi and @ritapaiva here, making our first report in history. :blush:

Our newly created DAO is the CRIATURA&BERI DAO, a fusion between word and audiovisual. You can learn all about our project here:


The first month at the head of our own DAO was quite challenging. A completely new way out of our comfort zone. We learned a lot about the NEAR ecosystem and how to use the platform. Of course, even though we have learned a lot, there is still a whole universe of knowledge to acquire. But we are very excited about all the possibilities and projects that lie ahead. A special thanks to @hevertonharieno and @tabear who helped a lot when our lack of experience and Mercury Retrograde played sone trecks on us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For our first projects we received: 293.25 NEAR

- Fourth season of the Poetic Podcast “Poesia ao Pé do Ouvido” - 58.8 N

The project has been finalized and will premiere on June 1st, along with the release of the new season, an NFT of a poem of my own authorship will be made available in our store on Mintbase. In addition, I have also made available 4 tracks of poems of my own authorship on Tamago.

Tamago: TAMAGO
NFT: acidentar-me, gabriela abreu on Mintbase

- Music Video “Se eu disser que quero um beijo” by Leo Middea produced by BERI - 142 N

The schedule for the video clip has been met and the release will be on June 14. We had an unforeseen problem with the payment, because as we could not migrate to V3 we had 11 N retained in the DAO. But we were able to adjust the amounts and all went well. An NFT will also be made available in our Mintbase as soon as the clip debuts.

  • 87.6 N to the Council;

Total: 288,4 N

Our store on MINTBASE:

Thank you and see you next month :slight_smile: