[Introduction] Creation of NEAR Protocol Togo

Hey Community, once again, this Roxy.

I always visit Togo for vacation and works, and I think we should build here :blush:

Togo is a beautiful Country in West Africa. They general language is French, though there are alot of people who speak English and other languages.

And as usual, I was preaching NEAR Protocol to some who can hear and understand English. I thought NEAR Protocol was as widely spread as we believe it is in Nigeria, but wow… NOBODY I HAVE MET KNEW ABOUT US!

So I was motivated to start building here and teaching Web2 Togolese Artistes about Web3 and NEAR Protocol in particular.

But before I go any further, let me talk to you a little about this beautiful country.

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Togo is a country in Western Africa bordering the Bight of Benin. Neighboring countries include Benin, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. The geography of Togo is characterized by a rolling savanna in the north, hills in the central region, and a savanna, woodland plateau, and coastal plain in the south.

It was annexed by Germany in 1884 and divided between France and Great Britain after World War I. In 1946, the two Togolands became United Nations trust territories. The western, British part joined Ghana when it became independent in 1957. The eastern part, French Togoland, became independent Togo in 1960.

Togo has great beaches, scenic spots and busy markets to make any holiday a memorable one. When you visit a place, you should discover. In the case of Togo, there is much to discover in this West African country. Did you know that Togo is known for its palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages.



The purpose of NEAR Protocol Togo is to foster community development and easy transmission of Creatives from Web2 to Web3, and to inculcate Crypto Knowledge and awareness into the activities of all Togolese in Art, Science and Technology.

Now, it’s time to build a community of Creatives under the NEAR Ecosystem in Togo!!!


Join us on all socials, today, let’s build the NEAR Community in Togo





Will be working alongside @chuxomoji123 to make this Community a success.

Chux Omoji is a Media Specialist, Music Minister, Talk Show Host, Video Editor and a Professional Cinematographer base in Lome, Togo.
Instagram Handle: https://instagram.com/chuxomoji?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

C’est le Togo; vous êtes les bienvenus dans notre beau pays.

Welcome to NEAR Web3 Togo!!!


It’s great to see community especially from third-world nations to embrace the blockchain adaptation, because the growth and expectations are always there.

But my concerned is;

You are not from Togo nor a part of any exisring web3 community there from your intro.

what do you know about the patterns of tech/web3 community development there ?

What do you know about there culture, customs and ethical issues when it comes to regional tech initiative.

Who are the other team members that are going to support the growth apart from Omoji, are they Togolese ?

More information and background about your current partner is very important and addition of more Togolese to the team lead will be awesome.

Finally, The lead is expected to be from Togo rather than another country, it would be more appropriate to simply help them and advise them on how ro build a creative community there with your experience rather than founding the community.


Good job @Roxy.
Near to the moon.


Thanks for having this great idea.

As @Bakaka said, there are concerns but I think things will be more clear on a call.

@israel_igboze on telegram so we book a call.



Thank you for the concerns @Bakaka

There are conditions before one could become a citizen of a country.

You must not be from America to become an American.

We are building, and we have to help other countries see the light. Togo is like a second home to me, I have been visiting and working here since 2014; that’s like 9 years ago.

@chuxomoji123 has permanently lived in Togo for over 10 years. He has a media outlet here and he speaks fluently their language.

It is a starting point, so if we don’t have anybody from their origin to spearhead this, we should then allow the light not to reach them? No

We will start, and we will keep on onboarding, and we will keep interpreting into their native languages to reach more people. @chuxomoji123 will help us do that.

He knows the rule here, he knows the culture and he knows how we can get these things done and have great success.

I know web3, I know crypto and know much how to carry them along through the Ecosystem.

So this is just a matter of combining rice and stew to get a meal done.

I and @chuxomoji123 will start and get them on along.

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Refer above for more clarification

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These are the clarification am looking for, of course there are regions they need a push from outsider to guide them toward the process.

Looking forward to learn more about the vision after your calls.

Thank you bro.


Roxy, thank you for believing in Togo.

I have seen the concerns in the comment section. Here is my submission:

Togo is my home even though I am Nigerian. My livelihood is here in Togo. I fluently communicate in french. My customer base are 90% french people. Our team mates are also French populated.

Aside this, we also have a big Nigeria community in Togo. Based on Statistics, Nigerians here are over 2 million. So, we can engage both the host community and diasporans.

In any case, I believe this is a great project to embrace. We can begin to experience the NEAR vision in french communities here in Africa.

Yes We Can

If we must build a formidble, we are willing to engage as many french people as possible


Very correct roxy. We have all it takes to acheive this project in Togo.


Want to see some effort around developer communities and a map of developers communities as well as the Web3 ecosystem in Togo first. Additionally would like to see founders background on NEAR


That’s cool. You can actually check about my works on web3 and while on web2

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I echo Bakaka’s observations.

One of the first lessons we learned from the former Guilds program, and that we must be careful to avoid again, is to have people claim entire regions with just a governance post and nice intentions.

Another important observation is that a Region can have many different niche communities who are not a ‘Regional Guild’. Sounds like you want to start a Creative Community in a new location, in which case the Creatives DAO would remain the most suitable avenue.

Expanding on the above. What is a Regional Guild then?

  • Regional Guilds come into existence through action, not by decree.
  • Regional Guilds have a very clear mission to advance NEAR Strategic Goals across the world
  • They can take many shapes and forms, but the focus is definitely geared towards holding education and events that require a deeper understanding of the NEAR tech stack - to provide opportunities for builders and developers to connect and grow.
  • Leaders would also need to have a strong connection with the region - both in understanding the web3 landscape and players, existing meetups, universities, etc. This would, in most cases, require a permanent presence in order to be effective.

I totally understand.

Neither have I written a funding request for anything or claimed anything.

This is an introduction, and we are having series of meeting to see how the community can get in and move on.

I totally understand your points.

My question is, should I stop helping these people to stand because I don’t permanently base in Togo?

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For clarification, I’m spending more energy, time and money doing these things.

To get busy while I’m here and to help NEAR grow in this region.

If the community thinks the stress does not worth it, it could save me some personal penny and time.

But if we allow this to slip off our finger this time around, it might take up to 5 - 10 years for this community to get it on their own, that’s why I’m helping to build them.

I don’t care about the leadership. Let me gather them and let them lead themselves.

It’s only through these meetings that we can see how far and strong the community can build on Web3.


Thanks for providing additional info.

To add some context to my initial reply.

We’ve spend months now working on the guideline and processes for Regional DAO. Quite often, we are forced to think of scenarios that are not currently catered for in the guidelines to ensure that they can evolve, be inclusive and as flexible and fair as possible.

I made two assumptions; First, that an introduction to a new ‘Regional Guild’ would be the prelude to the guild submitting a proposal for funding. Second, that the general reasoning and guidelines I’ve described for Togo can serve to provide more guidelines to new projects in similar situation.

It would be great if you could continue activities in the region and hopefully there is enough traction and value unlocked so that the Guild can become eligible for funding.

Even if a ‘Guild’ is not formally constituted (legally, DAO onchain, etc.) any community member is welcomed and encouraged to liaise with other Regional communities to share resources, learnings, and grow together.


Building on what others have said, please take a look at this document and align your INTRODUCTION post and also keep a close touch on telegram

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Putting into perspective all the concerns highlighted in the comments and all the reasons and explainations you gave…

Kindly makesure you build the team around Locals that that are of the culture and knows the laws of the land.

One being able to speak anothers language do not mean they know, understand or are even qualified to be imbeded into their culture…

I would be looking forward to the growth and impact of NearTogo to its local community and Near ecosystem

Reachout in the Regional Community group if you and your team needs help at anytime.

Cant wait to read monthly updates on your strides.


Thank you very much fam

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