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Tourism is quietly seeing growth in the Web3 space despite being an industry that has undergone massive turmoil over the past three years owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Much like museums and arts institutions, which increasingly adopted digital art and NFTs to boost the declining revenues and offer something new to patrons and visitors. Tourism practitioners are looking into new ways to get potential travelers interested, engaged, and incentivized.

But Web3 technologies aren’t simply used by tourism practitioners to increase traffic to their facilities, they are also being used to preserve cultural artifacts, innovations in the experience, awareness, and help protect vulnerable communities and sites. Tourism can be empowered with NFTs where suppliers can create, store, and sell their services in the form of NFTs. Interestingly, VR and AR experiences will offer a different dimensions and something new to visitors.

As a community of tourism experts, tourism service providers, artists, craftsmen, tourists, tourism enthusiastes, etc working together in creating and curating experience. 9JA TOUR DAO want to use tourism in Nigeria to curate experience, educate, onboard and communicate the importance of the web3 Ecosystem and the NEAR Protocol to both digital and physical travelers, tourism service practitioners and creatives in general. We want to use the 9JA TOUR DAO to rediscover abandoned ancient tourist destinations, discover new tourist destinations (digital and physical), build and experience a new tourism lifestyle (AR and VR). The DAO uses tourism to educate, entertain and give solutions to world problems, using the NEAR Ecosystem as its bedrock.

Our mission is to create a NEAR web3 lifestyle ecosystem for people, especially those in the tourism, hospitality industry, travelers and creatives to synergize (physical and digital) and have great experience together.
And some of the key goals of 9Ja Tour are:
-To create innovative opportunities for travelers, tourism service providers (communities, resorts, hotels and hospitality operators), creatives etc.
-To spread awareness about NEAR protocol, onboarding and minting among hospitality operators and travelers into the web3 ecosystem and expanding the markets for NFTs and timeshares.
-To connect the market (everyone within the tourism space including the local craftsmen) with as many verticals as possible, creating an interconnected network of businesses to build a healthy ecosystem.
-To create NFTs, collectibles and tokenization of Nigerian tourist destinations, hotels, resorts, landmarks, etc.
-To curate experience using AR and VR to preserve and experience tourism differently.

Through its activities, like irl explorations, the 9JA TOUR DAO would onboard people from different walks of life into the NEAR Ecosystem; because first hand experience is the easiest way to communicate, making the people own their experience. For instance, NFTs present an opportunity for travelers to prove they have done a particular thing, that is, If a traveler visits a specific landmark in the physical world, he or she could receive a digital souvenir in the form of an NFT. It’s a great way to not only log your travels, but it also allows the tourism service providers, artists, craftsmen and anyone who has something in the physical world and wants people to engage with, to offer something in a digital world as an incentive as well. Getting people to engage with the product (NFTs, token) helps bridge the gap between the physical and digital tourism.

The DAO would simultaneously explore the physical and digital tourism spaces:
We would be having educating, explorative and entertaining physical tourism events that would be ticketed. Most of our ticketed events would be purchased using the $NEAR. This would give our tourism service providers, practitioners and enthusiastes the opportunity to experiment with $NEAR, as well as the community at large.
We will also be experimenting the digital tourism via AR and VR projects that would be sold as NFTs and also some of our projects would be transmitted live on the Metaverse and tickets would be sold using $NEAR.
In the NEAR future, we would be able to curate a world tour experience (physical and digital) explorations to preach the gospel of NEAR PROTOCOL, onboarding people, discovering, revamping, rediscovering and tokenizing tourist destinations around the world and on the metaverse.

Council Members

@Ogaarinze (founder) : A creative practitioner, whose work revolves around tourism, art, fashion, lifestyle, performance art, upcycle art, body art(painting), activist and web3 technology enthusiast. A professional artist who is using art and web3 as tools to solve problems, address social issues, advocacy, typically using art as a tool for social commentary. Arinze holds a degree in Fine and Applied Arts, also a community mobilizer who hosts scintillating art events to keep young people empowered and engaged in mentorship programs.

@stizzy Raymond Nwachukwu (Co-founder) :An artistic designer, whose work revolves around creative design, graphic design, motion design, virtual and augmented reality design and web3 enthusiast. Raymond is a professional creative designer who uses immersive designs to tell stories and pass comment on social and cultural issues.

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