[roadmap] 9ja tour dao

Roadmap to becoming a Sustainable DAO.

we believe in self Sustainability and have mapped out strategies to actualizing this. We are the 9ja Tour DAO, and we use our platform as a driving force in the NEAR Ecosystem to: explore places (phigital), educate and onboard. Read about us in our [introduction] 9ja tour dao
Our Dao Activities include:
-Organizing monthly expeditions where we onboard people who are in the tourism sector, craftmen, and educating them on Web3 Ecosystem and its benefits and as well teaching them digital tourism experience to enable them create their tour experiences into NFTs, AR and VR which will be minted on our Dao mintbase store as NFTs.

-Organizing an exhibition tour once in three months in different cities in Nigeria, will expand to different countries too, as our community increases. It will be an avenue where tourists will be directed to create Near Wallets and purchase tickets as NFT for them to gain access to the event while vendors ( creatives, tourism service providers) will as well purchase slots as NFT, in so doing promoting Near Ecosystem.

-Collaborating with other Daos like Metaverse Dao to host ticketed web3 9ja tour experience in metaverse. Digital tourists, creatives and hospitality operators who have master their tools in creating digital experiences (AR and VR), NFTs, can showcase their digital collections of tours.

-Monthly Bounty to engage our community and to enable them stay on the loop with NEAR ecosystem, explorations, discovering, creating and curating experiences.

Introducing our concept as a Dao and publishing our first proposal which will include our first expedition experience where we will educate and onboard people in tourism and hospitality industry in a particular area or city, creatives etc into the NEAR web3 ecosystem. Initiating the concept of digital tourism (AR and VR). Also in the line of our activities for the month include:
-Activate a Dao store on mintbase
where we will mint pictures and videos gotten during the expedition.
-We will also activate a great social media presence and management, especially on Twitter, Instagram, telegram, etc.
-Putting up a bounty for graphic designers for our logo and social media cover.

Organizing and setting out for our first NEAR 9ja Tour DAO expedition where we target on engaging a larger audience (tourists), onboarding them into Near Ecosystem and directing them in opening Near Wallets to enable them buy and experiment our NFTs and vendor stands which will lead us in the direction of self sustainability. Also from this month we are planning to start saving up for our gears like NEAR 9Ja Tour DAO Experience Center and NEAR tourismo ( modified vehicle with NEAR logos for logistics and NEAR awareness).
-A space where we stay to create, educate, onboarding experience into the NEAR web3 ecosystem experimenting the virtual reality and augmented reality.
-The centre will offer utility NFTs and collectibles in order to access the facilities (especially to rent and experience the NEAR tourismo).
-Engaging our community with bounty on creating tourism NFT collection that will be minted on our Dao mintbase store.
Social media maintenance and management.

Second edition of the 9Ja Tour DAO expedition where we move to a given community to train, educate and onboard those who participate in our activities into the NEAR ecosystem. Enlighten them on how to use web3 digital tourism tools and as well educate them on importance and benefits of tourism in web3 ecosystem.
-Engaging our members and community on bounty on tourism NFTs to enable them master their crafts and mint their tourism experience.
-Creating of website and YouTube channel where we can upload our NEAR expedition videos and some web3 tourism experience.
-Social media management and maintenance.

ls to plan to collaborate with other DAOs that have common vision with us in creating tourism NFTs, tokens, travel-to-earn dApps that would run on NEAR Blockchain. We will continue to onboard and educate people as well. We will finish up the required payment for the NEAR 9JA Tour DAO Experience Centre and create our first phigital NEAR experience at the centre which we will use to educate and onboard people into the NEAR ecosystem
-Website, social media management and maintenance.
-More engagements in our community with bounty on creating tourism NFT collection that will be minted on our Dao mintbase store.

In August, we will start off with the acquisitions of our remaining gears in achieving self sustainability; NEAR TOURISMO, camera (costs to be divided into two months so we don’t have to ask for funds for logistics and camera all the time). This is to enable us have another tour to educate people and onboard people in tourism and hospitality sector, creatives into the NEAR Ecosystem. We will have the first payment in August, and complete the rest in September.
-More engagements in our community with bounty on creating tourism NFT collection that will be minted on our Dao mintbase store.
-Website, social media management and maintenance.

This September, We will finalize the acquisition of our gears, to enable us embark on NEAR exhibition tour in at least 4 cities in Nigeria and 1 in a neighbouring country to educate, onboard people working in the tourism sector, creatives, tourists into the NEAR ecosystem.
-Documentary about our projects so far in phigital web3 tourism will premiere on our YouTube channel, film festivals and on the Metaverse, which will also be video NFT that would be minted on mintabase DAO store.
-The visuals will be used to onboard new people especially at the film festivals.
-Creating more engagements in our community with bounty on creating tourism NFT collection that will be minted on our Dao mintbase store.
-Website, social media management and maintenance.