Introducing: The NEAR Forum Sherpas

Hello NEAR Community. I’m Igboze IbohIsrael.
I am interested in this opportunityto get more involved in helping people out.

Thanks @David_NEAR


…and against my 20 badges la😁.


Hey @David_NEAR @Community_Moderator
I am already part of so many projects with different skills and ability,
Also working on near foundation testnet

I love to be part of these forums and become sherpas moderator

I already have 3.5 Years of experience now in the crypto space with different skills like
Moderator | Community Admin and manager of the different blockchain projects.

Worked with Mintabse, SheepDex, Brokoli Network, and Coinsbit exchange platform
Overall, I Can become your best asset.

Attaching my CV just have a look
Shubham+Maheshwari+Resume.pdf (226.4 KB)


Great stuffs @David_NEAR
Hope we can some quality contenders for this.

Somehow this post turned into flexing stats ey.


Great to see the NEAR community blooming day by day!
I wanna join the Sherpa team and climb that mountain, even my stats is still in the foothills! :smiley:


This initiative is super good, it helps to improve and professionalize the community! :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


Using the word “sherpa” caught me by surprise as I recently started working on :joy:


Hello everyone,
This is a great initiative for our thriving community.
I’d very much like to be a part of the NEAR Forum Sherpas.

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Awesome to hear :tada:

We’ll be extending the initiative pretty soon, keep an eye out!


Great initiative!

One thing I would like to propose be added to the list of duties of the Sherpas would be to share relevant forum posts across other NEAR channels as appropriate.
This may include, but not limited to:

  • Sharing announcements across Discord, Telegram, Twitter (i.e. Announcement of Meetup program, etc.)
  • Tag the right people and follow up with them (i.e. a Guild Leader, someone Foundation/Core team, etc. that may otherwise miss the post or that don’t frequently visit forum)
  • Be a connecting tissue between the forum posts, users and wider community (Identify people with similar interests, lines of work, etc. show them previous relevant posts, existing relevant assets (could be a discord server, youtube video, etc), and if possible introduce people to each other for collaboration.

The three points above are very closely related and will lead to more engagement through community threads by driving traffic back to forum and fostering richer conversations.

Glad to see familiar faces take on this role as it should be easy for them to coordinate the above across channels.



What I will add, and this will be covered in the playbook when it’s written up, moderators will now be able to assign topics to members of ‘staff’ (other mods and Guilds/DAO leads etc) with this plugin:


Hi @simeon4real and @David_NEAR @Community_Moderator @Benz_Near @stanisnear
Nice to meet you !
I find it very interesting to have near moderators, I’ve seen very unpleasant situations within telegram. I watched dozens of gratuitous attacks coming from a DAO/Guild owner within the telegram group attacking members of another Guild. The members that were attacked kept their posture and ignored the weeks of gratuitous attacks. I watched these free taunts within Telegram and I really missed a near moderator, so I had to be a moderator myself, and Finding a peaceful way to end that psychotic break that came from these members of this messy DAO. That took my energy for nothing. I super support moderators on NF and the Guilds/DAO telegram groups. I’m finishing an workshop of experience design for NFT, and I was very worried about this guys re-entry and makes a lot of trouble, flood spam and other rude and psychotic attitudes within telegram worship/workshop groups. They do this just for power struggles. I know they are young college students full of energy and testosterone, who spend their days on cryptovoxel, but I’m old enough to don’t tolerate childishness in my workplace. My work is a gift/Dádiva and I respect a lot for having health and energy to follow my life honestly, in this very difficult time of pandemic for the our artistic class. I already have a 9-year-old son, and I don’t want to adopt a young man. Thanks for this post, it gave me hope to be more inviting and make my telegram channel more open and transparent to the NEAR core and council involved. grateful


hey @frado I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through. I know being exposed to harsh and non-constructive comments is quite tiring. This is the last thing we want on any of our community chats.

As Near Channel Ops/Community Team we 7/24 monitor/give support on our main channels:
-Near Protocol Official. Telegram Telegram: Contact @cryptonear,
-Near Discord
-Near Protocol Reddit,
-and the forum

It’s impossible for us to keep an eye on each Guild Community chat as we have ~50 active telegram communities guilds - Near Guilds afaik.

But I would love to know which channel are we talking about here? Please post their links and those discussions you mentioned above. I may involve in those discussions and try to contribute for the sake of the Near Community.
feel free to DM me on telegram Telegram: Contact @Kripto_Raptor or post it here.


Thanks @KriptoRaptor for support.

I will be watching to see if they will continue with this lack of respect and childishness.
For the moment, I will give them a chance and not go ahead and expose them publicly.
I am concerned about proposing consistent, quality projects to create a strong ecosystem and protect NEAR’s brand.
I am a developer of art and technology.
My family has worked in branding since the 70’s in brazil and we have a lot to take care of the brands we work on together, and now will be no different.
I have a clear roadmap for 2022 and I want to be able to execute it, without having personal problems, without running over anyone, or being hindered by young people who only want to sell NFT in their mintbase store, without a defined annual roadmap from January to December.
That year 2022 is a year to create an artistic community and get our elderly women out of the technological and social vulnerability zone.
In 2023 I have a global branding project, which I will share in July 2022.
I am very grateful for the support and will continue with full force towards the development of our ecosystem.
Thank you,


Hello @David_NEAR!
What’s update on this?

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It’s live and running already, expect it to expand soon - hopefully this quarter.


Okay, this sounds great.
kudos to you for all you do within the community.

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