Intro to NEAR! [Content Outline]

Intro to NEAR! [Content Outline]

Quick summary

In this tutorial, we’ll learn the core concept behind NEAR and its ecosystem. We’d discuss its features, compatible stacks, case studies and how to get started. This tutorial will feature demos from NEAR students and user interfaces will be built with React.js


At the end of this tutorial, users will be able to;

  • Understand how the NEAR ecosystem works
  • Understand NEAR’s core concept and features
  • See case studies for NEAR
  • Developing with NEAR
  • build a blockchain application with NEAR


  • Intro to NEAR

    • What is NEAR
    • Core Concept of NEAR
    • Features and case studies for NEAR
  • Getting started in NEAR

    • How to get started in NEAR
  • Building your first NEAR application

    • Building the NEAR dice appiication
    • Initializing application with NEAR
    • Building web components with Vue.js
    • Referencing the student demo and live demo of application
  • Conclusion

    • Summarizing the article
    • Resources
    • GitHub repo link