[Proposal] Beginners NEAR Tutorial Series for HTML5 Games

This proposal is for wages to manage the production of a Beginners NEAR 7 part Tutorial Series for HTML5 Games.

Overview: A progressive 7 part tutorial including the basic functionalities that a student or developer would want to know to implement NEAR functionality in their HTML5 games using Assembly script for contract examples.

Who it’s for: Students (high school/university level) who have some familiarity with coding games who want to learn how to use NEAR in their games. They might not be familiar with node js, npm, typescript, assemblyscript, rust or even have a basic understanding of how block chain works.


  • Each tutorial should build on the last tutorial, assuming only the knowledge contained in the previous tutorials.
  • The tutorial should include each step, explained as simply as possible.
  • Any steps that have fully developed tutorials already available should link to that tutorial. Example: setting up a testnet account.
  • Any code should be either visible on the page to be copied and pasted where need or linked to from the page, and fully commented.
  • The game code will be as simple as possible to not distract from the purpose of the tutorial, ideally the user should be able to swap out the tutorial game code with their own code easily.
  • ‘How’ is prioritized over ‘why’ so as to not overwhelm with too much information. Inline why sections should be hidden until clicked on, then expand for the user.

At the end of each tutorial should be an optional further reading section to expand on any technologies/concepts that were quickly introduced in the tutorial to encourage further understanding.

Breakdown of 7 parts:

  1. Hello World
  • Set up testnet account
  • Login
  • “Hello username!”
  1. First Contract
  • Deploy contract to blockchain
  • Call contract from game
  • “Hello from the blockchain!”
  1. More Involved Contracts
  • Score counter contract
  • increment/deincrement
  1. Advanced Contacts multiple users
  • High score list/ leaderboard
  • JS canvas display
  1. Multiplayer part 1 - transactions
  • micro transactions
  • NEAR wallet integration
  • buying in game items
  1. Multiplayer part 2 - synchronous
  • multiplayer synchronous game
  • contracts to store users moves
  • outcome calculated after all users are ready
  1. Multiplayer part 3 – NFT’s
  • Set up NFT’s
  • Contracts to transfer NFT’s


Plan to make it happen:

Junior developer @vertfromage will attempt to implement each of these items while receiving guidance from @vlad.near on discord and through video calls and convert the experience gained into above described tutorials.

Budget: 2 NEAR/hr.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


This is absolutely :fire: and I’m 100% behind this :tada:

It’d be great to have a full repo of beginner-friendly development tutorials IMO, and this is an excellent place to start (especially seeing how hot crypto gaming is atm).


Sounds amazing @Vertfromage although I prefer green eggs and ham myself :slight_smile:

You can apply for a grant if you prefer to have a little more control over the budget for this work. For example, if you want to hire some help for writing, illustration or other supporting roles that you think of along the way.

If you are interested in applying for a grant please ping me on Discord or via email (sherif@near.foundation)


UPDATE: I have tutorials 0-4 completed. https://vertfromage.github.io/NEAR-tutorials/

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