[INTERNAL] Rewards for Incrypted AMA

Overview: We’re hosting an AMA with Incrypted and we’ll be offering rewards to the best questions. Incrypted talks about blockchain and cryptocurrency and focuses on the Russian community. Their main Telegram channel has 70k followers and they also have +52k subscribers on Youtube so its great for exposure.

Community submitted questions ahead of AMA and the best submissions were chosen to be featured. The transcript of the AMA (in Russian) can be read here.

Budget: 10*100$ in NEAR


Good morning! Incryped is already works with Ru guild and got his payment (~$4000) from Near for marketing activities.

Proof https://gov.near.org/t/approved-ru-community-guild-media-partnerships-influencers-november-2021/7216

Attn : @creativesdao-council @David_NEAR