[Approved] Incrypted media support for Near ecosystem

Hello to Marketing DAO team @marketingdao-council

Incrypted team is pleased to offer our media support, which will include Near and Aurora ecosystem’s major news coverage.

Who are we?
Incrypted is the #1 crypto media in Ukraine and the top5 media in the CIS region by traffic. We are focused on news, articles, and educational materials for crypto enthusiasts. We have been working with Near and Aurora for a long time, and we are also Near validators (incrypted.poolv1.near).

Our media channels:

More details about Incrypted media and our community:
Incrypted media kit

Our last case:


Media support
Problem: brand awareness, publicity
How to solve: news coverage on Incrypted media channels, which includes:
:white_medium_small_square: Major Near and Aurora news and announcements coverage on the Telegram channel
:white_medium_small_square: Press releases and articles on the Website
:white_medium_small_square: Mentions in weekly YouTube digest and social media channels
:white_medium_small_square: Twits and Instagram Posts about major news + Instagram stories
:white_medium_small_square: Monthly content report
Funding scheme: monthly
Budget: $ 5000

Thank you for your attention, looking forward to your reply


Good evening! Happy to support! Thanks for great job :ukraine:!


Hi @Vlads.near thanks for the proposal and posting the report. Your report includes metrics for new users – were those coming from both the media activities and the portfolio battle? Can you share some information on how many users (or other examples of growth) came from the media activities specifically so I can understand what’s happening with the investment of community funds vs. return in terms of growth? Thanks!


Thanks for your proposal and for previous proposal’s report.

I support this proposal as the continuation of quality work and positive results. Notes:

  • I rely on the assessment of our native Russian speakers to asses the quality of the work
  • I would strongly suggest you give a lot of coverage to the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) narrative, always include calls to action.
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Hi, @so608 and thanks for your answer!

The Report relates specifically to our most recent activity in partnership with Near, so we were able to specifically measure results for the community.

In the case of news support, we can only estimate the number of audiences reached. In private cases, when we publish activity from Near, we will most likely be able to understand the number of clicks on the links.

However, the main objective will be to keep the community aware of what is going on in the Near ecosystem.

Thank you for your trust!

Hi @Vlads.near i refer to @Dacha assessment of your work in the Russian community and am therefore happy to support. Now moving to Approved

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Thank you for your trust! Incrypted is proud to support Near ecosystem

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