[Internal Report] VAD Telegram

In this month, VAD is grateful because we created lots of events for Vietnamese artists to show themselve, right in our ecosystem.

I am going to summarize my work and what we achieved below:
VAD moderator - Mer - wallet: antran2809.near

  • Participating in writing proposals & reports
  • Meetings with councils for activities brainstorming
  • Managing Telegram group
  • Take care people questions on TG & instruct minting artworks when needed
  • Voting on DAO
  • Contact & revise contract for venue & logistic in offline events (workshop)

With the Telegram group, we organized and awarded for 3 winners (between 14 participants in VAD weekly challenge (20th - 27th Aug) - a competition with a different theme every week.

The challenge took lots of attention in the Telegram group as well as had many quality artworks, we are also ready for next week’s challenge.

Group members increased from 174 to 195 (21 new members).



My team also takes care of lots of newbies in order to know how to join events, create NEAR wallets as well as mint NFT on Mintbase.

We are preparing for new project in September to widen DAO and develop our community.

Thank you for reading! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks @Mer, appreciate your time & being active on our telegram channel. Hope we’ll be bigger everyday!

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