[Internal Report] VN Artists DAO Moderator July 2022 - Mer

As our duty - connecting Vietnamese artists to build an art community which operates in NEAR ecosystem, we are in the process of gathering many talented artists this month. After many activities in July, our DAO got lots of attention from community, I am going to summarize my work and what we achieved below:

VAD Moderator - Mer - wallet: antran2809.near

  • Participating in writing proposals & reports
  • Meetings with councils for activities brainstorming
  • Managing Telegram group
  • Take care people questions on TG & instruct minting artworks when needed
  • Voting on DAO
  • Contact & revise contract for venue & logistic in offline events (Draw acrylic painting and Mint NFT workshop)

This month, Telegram group got about more than 100 new members.

My team helped many newbies - who did not know about NEAR Protocol or NFT - approach and mint NFT by themselves.

The statistic of messages in Telegram group:

Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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