[IDENTITY] Re-defining Incubadora and its processes

Re-defining Incubadora and its processes

Incubadora, as a group of people, has learned a great deal in the last couple of months. We are now at the point when we know what works and what doesn’t, and how best to deploy our efforts in supporting the portuguese-speaking artistic community.

This is why we are changing some of our internal guidelines and streamlining some of our processes.

We now have 3 axis of action.

  1. Stipends
  2. Educational activities
  3. Incubadora Vertical


From all our activities, Artist Stipends is the one that best accomplishes a balance between effort and impact. They are now our core activity.

This is not only the best way to onboard established artists into NEAR and the world of NFTs, but supports them in their already established practice, which is what we want to do more than anything.

Stipends is also absorbing the ‘Poliedro Catalogue’ project. The first edition is still coming out as planned, as a catalogue of the Poliedro VR and New Media Artistic Residency, but following editions will become a ‘retrospective’ of all the artists supported by Incubadora every semester, with the creation of an exhibition-NFT + an NFT-catalogue.

We are now expanding from 2 artists supported to 4 artists supported. In the next Open Call, we will also open to other artistic disciplines.


These will be mostly seminars and small workshops, happening once a month.
Themes will follow our core identity, a mix between art and technology, presented by artists and researchers, and open to the community.

Every event will have an onboarding component.

Our next seminar will likely be about Afro-futurism. We will try to plan in advance and provide as much information about these seminars as we can. As soon as possible we will provide a list of approved events.

Each seminar/workshop is organized independently, so participation is flexible and as open as possible. They might be digital-only, physical-only, or hybrid.


Our third core activity is running as a Vertical (a place for community members looking to fund their projects to go).

This vertical will allow us to support projects that are not ‘our core activity’ or that don’t fall under our ‘identity’, but that are still interesting projects, worth pursuing.

The Incubadora Vertical allows us to support the community in their efforts and projects, in a way that doesn’t require the direct participation of the members of the council.

For this, we establish that proposals made by community members can claim 20% of our possible monthly budget, i.e. 1000$ (20% of the 5000$ cap).

Proposals created for this specific Vertical must be published in the Forum, under the Incubadora DAO tag, and will be discussed by this council in the last week of every month. If approved, they will be integrated in the following month’s budget.

If there are several proposals, each month, we will try to spread the support in a way that respects our core identity, which is to support as many artists as possible.

If there are no proposals to our Vertical, we will still request 25% of that 20% (250$) for spontaneous proposals that might need quick support.

Thank you all,


All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.


Thank you so much for posting this. :star_struck: This re-definition is a product of a constant discussion and reflection between the council members, following up what we’ve been building together, with all the things that went well and the ones that went not so well. This constant and open dialogue is something I am really proud of and what inspires me to keep doing what we do.
:heart_eyes: I’m sure this little change of scenario will make our identity stronger and closer to what a Incubadora should be!