(IDEATION) Indigenous African Drums/Percussions sample Creating For Music Producers

This project by me SterryO entails the collection of different African sounds drums/percussions as samples from the original native source.

This process goes between traveling to different states, cities where spiritual native sounds are being played in Africa.

Meeting with the people in charge, creating a near wallet for them,

Recording the sounds then bringing back to the studio for the mixing and mastering process, creating artwork for each group of sounds minting them as snippets and exclusive unlockables for the samples

The process while taking the samples will also be recorded as in video and be minted as unlockable

To be able to achieve this project along side with @Dedeukwu , @jcb token of $1000.00 (140NEAR) will be required for the month of September.

Payout: $796

Wallet : sterryo.near


That’s a great concept @sterryo i think the samples are treasure to us that understand it but I’ll say we keep this as ideation and give you a pass of 5 N for the idea as we plan to focus more on marketing our contents this month. @JCB you say?


Yeah @sterryo I can’t wait to get myself these samples. I’ll approve the ideation and look forward to the next content push. But I agree with @Dedeukwu that this next month should be a focus on marketing the content that we have in the mintbase store.

I will respond back to let you know once you can move this to the DAO for payout.


Hey @sterryo

Can you please submit this to the C1 DAO for your ideation payout for 5N?


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done now my bro, its needs your approval.

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