[Ideation] In Memoriam

Brenda Seldin


In Memoriam

(A Celebration of the Creative Life)

On May 30th of 2021 it will be four years since my husband’s sudden passing from a heart attack. My husband Ronnie was a musician. He played a Japanese bamboo flute called the Shakuhachi. He was a Grand Master in two lineages, and his specialty was a branch of traditional Japanese music called Honkyoku – musical pieces for the Shakuhachi composed and played by Japanese mendicant Buddhist monks for enlightenment and alms. My husband had many recordings and quite a few of his own compositions. Aside from recordings he also had a YouTube channel with videos of his concerts. He was also a teacher and had taught hundreds of students over his 35-year career.

In Memoriam would be a celebration and honoring of the creative life of our musician loved ones. Using Ronnie as an example, I could create NFTs of his legacy – music videos, recordings, etc. Imagine such an NFT given out as a Memorial Card to family and friends as a keepsake of their loved ones. I know that for me, I feel joyful when someone plays my husband’s music or tells me how much they loved it.

I envision a Celebratory Memorial Hall acting as a permanent archive for these NFTs, unlike with social media platforms like Facebook where it can be deleted or taken down. M.C. NFTs would offer peace of mind through permanent decentralized storage. The Memorial Hall would also be a public space with curated events for the public showcasing those M.C. NFTs whose owners gave their permission. This would also allow for the musician’s family to mint these NFTs and allow the public to buy them. A musician’s work would continue to be performed in public bringing in their loved ones, fanbase, and possibly garnering new fans and royalties for their loved ones.

M.C. NFTs could also be original songs or cover performances honoring the person who has passed. Music is often part of the healing process. Imagine John Lennon fans dedicating their M.C. NFTs to him on his birthday. Hopefully minters would also include the musician’s family in the revenue and royalties.

Terminally ill people may choose to create their own Memorial Cards ahead of time by deciding what creative endeavors of theirs they wish to memorialize as their legacies.

These NFTs could be given away as keepsakes, transferred to share as good memories, or sold. Selling them may provide needed funds for those left behind: for funeral expenses, medical expenses, for the children and widows left behind; or for the continuation of royalties for loved ones while keeping their work in the public eye. Original compositions and cover performances by musicians honoring those that have passed on may also, as a side effect, be helped in their careers.

This could be expanded to other media arts. I am looking for team members inspired by this idea to continue working with me on it together through the next steps of the hackathon.


This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story @brenda_star_traveler .

You have a very broad vision, and I think it would resonate with many people! There are not currently many great ways to archive and celebrate people’s lives digitally.

If you had to pick 1-2 items to work on over the next few weeks, what might that be?


Hi Enidavis,

Thank you for your kind words. Honestly, my next step would be to hopefully gather a collaborative team to create this together. I am a Channeler and Shamanic Healer. I have no abilities in coding, developing, etc.

At the very least I would like help to be able to create a flow chart of steps to take toward the creation of In Memoriam. Secondly, it was suggested to me to start it as a store and begin to offer NFT Memorials and bring in supporting people that way.

Thank you and I hope I was able to answer your question. If you have any thoughts for me they would be appreciated! In the end, I look forward to sharing this idea and receiving feedback and suggestions.

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Flow chart seems like the right first step, especially as you wouldn’t be the one building on the tech side. I’d be happy to check out and give feedback when you get to that point.

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Thank you. I will see what I can do about the flow chart.

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This is looking great Brenda!

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Hey Brenda, could you resubmit this proposal to the NxM DAO. The voting period has passed and I wanted to approve it, but I can’t anymore!

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Hi Vandal,

I submitted it once already on old.sputnik.fund/#/. The page says NEAR sputnikDAO nxm-dao.sputnikdao.near. Should I resubmit it here? Thank you.


Hi again. I just resubmitted it again to the page address in my previous reply. Again, it went through successfully including with the transference of .01 NEAR from my wallet. Thanks!


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Yes got it and approved!

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Thank you. Now I’m going to go to the next step of writing up a presentation.

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Hello Brenda,

I would also check out Mintbase if you’ve still not as some, if not most, of the cases you’ve lined down can be realized there without any technical knowledge. Just some platform knowledge but I’m sure Createbase team can help with that.

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Hi Yassine,

Thank you for your input! Yes, I will be working with Mintbase/NEAR to create the NFT Memorial Cards that would contain the creative works. I guess I was thinking more about the creation of Celebratory Memorial Hall in the metaverse where people can gather to celebrate their loved ones creative legacies at curated shows or to meet in bereavement support groups. I would need someone to help with that.

I could create a token through Mintbase/NEAR to create a supportive community that would govern the group in service to the higher mission of helping people to heal by celebrating the legacies of their deceased loved ones and supporting them through the royalties contract.

Thank you for helping me to see the option of integrating a social token into this plan. In Memoriam could have the I.M. token pronounced as the “I AM” token.


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Hey Brenda, so my other council member wasn’t able to get vote in time to pass the proposal, unfortunately I have to ask you to submit it once again. My apologies! We can send you some NEAR to cover the cost of submitting if that helps!

Okay, I just resubmitted my proposal. Third time lucky!

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Thanks! Sorry for that! You had my vote but our 2nd council didn’t manage to get on in time to cast his vote