GWG/NDC Constructive Feedback

The GWG is establishing the frameworks for the NDC. This new and innovative project is pioneering in the world of decentralized governance. This can lead to misunderstanding, discussions and sometimes frustration.

To streamline these discussions, this post has been created to ensure that communication remains professional and constructive, in compliance with the community guidelines. When conversations within the NDC Community channels require further guidance, NDC Moderators will direct feedback providers to voice their concerns in a reply to this post. This enables the GWG to listen better and allows community members to provide and address feedback in a more productive way.

The community and this post are moderated by the NDC Mods. Whenever feedback is posted, the moderators will flag this to the appropriate individuals in order for these individuals to address the feedback.

When providing constructive feedback to any community member or entity here, take note of the following guidelines:

  • Introduce yourself - Who are you? What is your experience inside the NEAR Ecosystem? What have you done for this community?
  • Be respectful - Treat the person or entity you’re providing feedback to with respect, avoid personal attacks. Focus on actions/behaviours rather than the person(s) themselves. Both provider and receiver of feedback should be mindful that the goal of providing feedback is to move the project forward and improve.
  • Be specific - When providing feedback, be as specific as possible about who and what you are commenting on. Avoid general comments that can be misinterpreted and focus on specific behaviors or actions.
  • Provide examples - Provide specific examples that illustrate your feedback. This can help the person or entity understand what you’re talking about and make it easier for them to make changes.
  • Don’t make assumptions - Your feedback should be based on facts and not on assumptions. Provide the facts yourself, if you’re not in possession of the facts, you can request transparency.

Any posts that fail to address feedback in accordance to the guidelines mentioned above, will be subject to moderation from the NDC Mods.