[Guild Report] Blaqk Stereo (September 2022 till date)

Blaqk Stereo September 2022 till date Report

Previous Report (August 2022)

  • Council:
    • @hawwal (109 votes casted)
    • @BlaqkStereo (99 votes casted)
    • @cotmusic (75 votes casted)
    • @Sholaspark (26 votes casted)
      Accumulated votes “Council & Committee”: (398 Votes casted)
      On-chain members in total: 36
      Funds on Astro : $16 USD

Proposal for September - [Approved] Blaqk Stereo September budget

  • Completed objectives:

    • Guinness world records - report
    • Music production workshop with COTMUSIC - report
    • Future is near 2.0 - report
    • 2D animation workshop - report
    • Storytime (Visit to Badagry) report
    • Cillyverse concert - report
  • Ongoing objectives:

    • Youtube music series - project
    • Battle of Multiverse Dance comp. - project

Council Report:

Moderator Report:



I’d like to start by wishing everyone in the community a happy new month from Blaqk stereo Dao. it’s been a long break but I’m glad within the time frame we have achieved so much and gotten recognition for our work thus far. We look forward to the tremendous work ahead of us this year 2023 as we continually aid creatives around the world and proliferate Near in Africa. Thanks and have a great month ahead.
Stay creative :hugs:

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