(INTERNAL REPORT) Blaqkstereo Dao July 2022

Internal report Blaqkstereo Dao Telegram Moderator July 2022

Blaqk stereo is a Dao dedicated to organizing events to draw in creatives from various fields like music, film, arts, and business exposing them to the vast opportunities in web3 and the Near protocol.

In July we had some activities that was centred on boarding new members and engaging them. I will just summarise them

Benedicta Blaqkstereo Dao bennybest.near

  • Planned and organised video training to help troubleshoot newbies having issues with setting up their wallets

  • Brainstorm session with council members

  • Managing Telegram groups

  • Warmly welcome new members and ensure they are aquainted with Near protocol and Blaqkstereo vision.

Here is a brief recap on what was done June 2022

*I assisted in planning and organising The longest record marathon with multiple artist

*Made E-cards for Twitter Space awareness for the longest record marathon with multiple artist

  • Was vitally involved in collating, scheduling artist and witnesses of the prestigious event

*Assisted is compilation of report for submission as proofs and evidence of the event hosted

There was an increase in our membership and we keep building. Thank you