Regional Communities Governance Update

Proposed Council Structure: Continental Groups


This document outlines initial formation processes and governance procedures for a council that involves six (6) continental groups, each with one vote.

Regional community leaders must work together and hold each other accountable to facilitate the coordination of the many NEAR ecosystem participants. This requires a robust and resilient governance system to balance voting power across the continents, ensure alignment, and drive progress toward common goals.

RC DAO elections were intended to empower an inclusive group of verified humans to decide on initial council members. We proposed a model by which one candidate from each continent would be chosen and two additional representatives based on the popular vote.

Unfortunately, this election did not go as we had hoped. Patterns of activity by a few Attacker Wallets indicated a coordinated attempt to take control of Regional Communities DAO. The recommendation is to nullify election results since it is too difficult to determine which votes are controlled by attackers and who the actors are. Here is the full report.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in our election, and we appreciate all the great feedback on ways to improve. This experience will certainly help us become stronger as an ecosystem. Let’s move forward together, and keep building momentum!

Next Steps

  1. Preparation + Arrangements → Further Decentralization via Continental Groups
  2. Coordination + Communications → Contributor Onboarding, Education, and Support
  3. Governance Proposals + Decisions → Development of Processes for Accountability

Please comment on this collaborative document, ask questions, and share any other ideas.

We are open to suggestions!

Updated Structure|589x368.2849176512336

↳ continental groups rather than elected individuals;
1 vote per continental group

Preparations + Arrangements

1.1 — Form Continental Groups :white_check_mark:

Before the RC DAO election, continental groups were formed to enable participating voters to indicate where they live (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, or South America).

Continental Group Account IDs:
  • africa-community.sputnik-dao.near
  • asia.sputnik-dao.near
  • australia.sputnik-dao.near
  • europe.sputnik-dao.near
  • north-america.sputnik-dao.near
  • south-america.sputnik-dao.near

1.2 — Coordinate with Qualified Candidates to Answer Questions and Provide Support

RC DAO admins created six private groups on Telegram to support candidates and community leaders in adding contributors to the continental groups.

1.3 — Add Qualified and Committed Candidates and members to their Respective Group

RC DAO admins communicate and collaborate with candidates/contributors in each continental group to decide their initial membership and policies.

NOTE: we recommend each continental group includes three or more council members/Core Contributors.

Continental Council/Core Contributor Criteria:

Must be a known Contributor in the region

Coordination + Communications

Continental Group Responsibilities

2.1 — Voting on Quarterly Budgets (Global Strategy)

Every three months, the six continental groups of the RC DAO council would all vote on strategic proposals and specific projects to be funded. This means each continental group would have one vote in the governance system for budgeting purposes.

2.2 — Gathering Continental Budgets for Deliberation

Each continental group brings a budget for strategic planning (four times per year).

2.3 — Recommending Proposals for Approval

Every month, continental groups will vote on whether local and regional community funding proposals should be approved.

2.4 — Reviewing Monthly Reports and Providing Feedback

Continental group members will read and respond to funding requests by community leaders. This helps make reporting more useful. Dedicated groups focused on their continents will streamline and strengthen the RC DAO funding processes.

2.5 — Submitting Governance Proposals and Voting

Contributors will also have the power to propose and vote on decisions regarding adjustments or improvements to existing rules and procedures.

Governance Proposals + Decisions

Continental Group Settings and Policies

3.1 — Change Policies: Roles and Permissions

Members vote on updates to the group settings and policies.

3.2 — Add Continental Groups to the RC DAO Council

Once the initial members set up the group, they can propose adding it to RC DAO.

Moving Forward Together

This new model supports greater decentralization, diversity, and cooperation. Plus, it alleviates problems with concentrating power in a council of elected individuals.

We hope community leaders and contributors from all continents will take charge of their groups and embrace open governance. Looking ahead to Q4, we aim to produce a budget for approval by most established continental groups of RC DAO. By following the procedural guidelines outlined in this document, participants can ensure fair, transparent, and efficient decision-making, leading to meaningful resolutions that address local and global challenges.

Thank you all for your questions, patience, and commitment. We look forward to resolving any issues and moving forward together.

Let’s put NEAR on the map!

– RC DAO admins

Bakaka, Igboze, James, Ola, and Yuen



Hi, thank you for your job. I support the decision to nullify election results, but that is a good try for starting anyway. I believe that by iteratively trying and drawing conclusions, we will be able to build a stable and understandable system.

Regarding the governance update.

  1. Who are the people named Admins in the picture? How will the community choose them? How many of them do we need? What will they do? What are their responsibilities and rights?

  2. What is the admin group and what are its responsibilities and rights? How this group will be managed and how it differs from Admins?

  3. As far as I understand, continental groups will decide on their own how to organize themselves internally, won’t they? Why I ask. I see in such a case instead of one unorganized group (RC DAO) we get 8 unorganized groups (RC DAO + 6 continental groups + admin group). Doesn’t anybody else think that it can make things worse and significantly slow down the entire process?

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Hello, Thank you @garikbesson for the feedback

To answer your question

• The Admins are named in the post. The last paragraph and they transitioned from being the RCdao Core Contributors building the RCdao from scratch to become Admins according to the Charter. @rc-admins
• The Admins handle the day to day operational activities of the RCdao liasing and working in tendem with the Near Core Regional Community team, all regional community leaders and Continental groups.

The Admin group and Admins are one of the same so we do not have 8 groups… We do have 7 groups.

6 continental groups + Admins

And the Group is managed by the Admins in collaborative Sync with Regional Community and Expansion team at Near to makesure there is an alignment in direction from both RCdao and Near team on the growth and strategy for Regional Communities building on Near.

While we are now further decentralized and each of the 6 Continental groups pushes ahead individually managing their own Regions and their regions monthly proposal reviews/reporting , The Continental Groups still come together to form the RCdao Council with each Continental Group having 1 vote each.

The Council build and approve quarterly budgets for RCdao and Evaluate each others Quaterly OKRs

So No it does not slow things down, on the contrary, its speeds things on and most importantly creates a system
• That lets each region have its own OKR focus that fits into the needs of their region as it pertains to the growth of Near
• Keep each continental groups accountable to each other.
• Makes it difficult to attackers to cartelise the whole RCdao
• Bring in more active regional contributors to each of their continental groups

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Hello Garik

For more details on what the Admin does and each of their roles.

Admins: @rc-admins oversee the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the DAO. Support and Oversight.

RCDao Admin Struture

• Governance, Partnerships, and Strategy(@Ola)
• Community Relations (@IgbozeIsrael)
• Operations and Project Management( @Bakaka)
• Education and Developer Relations ( @jlwaugh)
• Adminstrator/ Community Manager (@Yuen)

– Governance and Strategy:

• Build, Manage and oversee Governance Framework
• Develop and oversee stretegies that aid in Regional Communities Growth
• Overseas, manages and Develop Partnerships in and out of the dao and Larger Near Ecosystem
• Develop and manage Community Outreach programs and governance that aid partnerships, collaborations and onboarding new members into the ecosystem
• Manage RCdao Charter and Framework

– RC Community Relations and Activities:

• Overseas and Manage relations between all community leaders and Regional Hubs.
• Set Goals and Strategy for Regional hubs and Regional Community
• Overseas and manage Community Marketing
• Oversea and Manage Community Media and Social Media structures and guidelines. E.g News stream, Dashboard, Guidelines,
• Set guidelines to onboard new regional community Daos…
• Provide Support to Regional Communities/daos

– Operations and Project Management

• Oversee and Manage RCdao Projects and Calandar
• Oversee Admin Operations and Direct Task
• Manage and Community Organise Trello and Dashboard
• Oversee and manage Special projects

– Education and Dev Relations

• Build and Manage Educational Programs for the Ecosystem
• Manage Developer relations in the Ecosystem
• Develop and manage strategies to engage and increase developer engagement with BOS and other ecosystem tools
• Develop developer programs that onboards new developers and also incentivise developers to build on the Ecosystem.
• Develop Educational Content and Curriculum and that be used by Regional Communities and can be translated to different Languages

– Administrator and Activity Management :

• Overseas and manages RC Meetings and Minutes
• Oversea and manage all RC Community Channels and Communty Activies
• Manage and oversee Community Proposals Request
• Manage and Moderate information being passed out to the community
• Operational Budget