GOA OpenWeb Community. Discussion of plans

This sounds great!! I like the ideas you have in mind to implement. We should be able to onboard you as a Guild, have you met @Jessica, who is supporting the Guilds? Also, please join the Guild office hours this Friday: Attention all Guild Leaders- Office Hours are Here


Hi @denni_wild , @Grace
I already had first step with guild
I have called to @shreyas 9-th november and we spoke about guild

Just it was call and my english is not perfect
Also @shreyas i can contact him only once at week, but i have so many questions and i prefer text format of discussion because want use translation

Now i create some topic where i would like to ask which steps we need to do next to create our guild in text format :relaxed:

I hope it will help us to reach our Goa guild


@dmitryne awesome idea! Would love to follow you guys

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Hi @dmitryne,

Good to see your guild post. I was just chatting with @chronear about this the other day. @jiten123321, @jothiprasath, @Monish016 etc are all running guilds in India and can help too. I’d like to preface by saying that Guilds are permissionless and you are effectively a guild. However, in order to get funding, we would need a specific proposal attached to some goals. We can help you work through this.

With local marketplace that accepts NEAR in India- have you consulted a lawyer around the legality of this in India? I’d be really cautious with this from a legal perspective.

I see education and awareness as key properties. I’d love to know if you have general targets and numbers around this. This is what I was getting to during our call.

Do you have Web3 Devs familiar with building on NEAR in your team? If not, I’d highly recommend reaching out to our community devs like @gyan0890 and others from India who might’ve completed the NEAR Certified Dev program, that @shashi could potentially connect you with.

I mentioned during our call that I’d review your proposal at the end of the week (last Friday) but it wasn’t about contacting me just once a week.

As mentioned in my email, as next steps, I propose setting up a call with a translator. I’ve already reached out to some folks who speak Russian and understand English to jump on our call, and will get back via email as soon as I hear back from them. Alternatively, if you have someone in your team who speaks English, feel free to set up time for us to chat. Having an initial call to answer questions live would, in my mind, be much easier that going back and forth. Let me know what you think.

Excited for the Goa guild.


We can do market like accepting NEAR we dont say about sales like market where we can change товары и услуги

We have requested already some goal to make more knowledge about NEAR
We was planning this event for this Sunday but still nobody reply about suporting us 🤷
Its one of our goal just first step of it

This link u can check
Thank u


Thank you for your support :blush:

As mentioned in my email, we would generally request a lead time for at least 4 weeks so that we’re able to review and comment on proposals, and not just 3 days. The @marketingdao-council comprises of community members and NEAR core team members, are reviewing so many proposals every week and this is a time consuming process.

If you can push the event to the following month, I think that would give them enough time to assess and review the event and decide the funding. But that apart, I’ve sent you an invite for a call with @Sofia_Alum on Monday. Sofia is the co-lead of the Open Web Sandbox and also speaks Russian and is happy to translate and talk more about the NEAR Guilds program.


And Near Market we can rename like reallife game “Near market” or “exchanges near” or etc, where people can come and change NEAR, NFT for goods and services inside this area during at evening

Also i ask already funds for team.
to try make support for first our steps here

But text chat is good? I can think , translate and understand can be proper for me🤗 thank u

Also we did some music event in 13 November

And i invest my money for it, cause they said about payment only after event
Music event was finished at 13 November
But we still dont recieved money can u help with it too please @shreyas @vandal thank you

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Thank u very much @shreyas we will call on monday with @Sofia_Alum

Great initiative! Happy to help :blush:

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Generally on the community squad DAO we don’t do reimbursements unless previously agreed upon. I’ve also mentioned this in our email. This is to ensure that expectations are set right on both sides. However, for the funds from NxM, I leave it to @vandal and their team.

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Thank you, @vandal is already reply for me

Great initiative. Happy to help!

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Hi @shreyas , can we make music NEAR festival and making free entrance but by NFT
Every who can come to our festival they need to show us NFT-invintation?
U think is legaly in India?
Thank you

illegal to accept for payment in stores in India, I think…
Most of all - Foreigners will sell homemade things to other foreigners
So it will be like a “Arts and crafts fair”
What if we’'ll make NFT-marketplace , each NFT-token will represent ownership of one specific thing or service.
Another option - NFT like a one-time present ( free coffee or free bear) or full -time benefit card
What you think? @shreyas
i will write separate post about this direction “Goa Crypto Marketplace”

thx! i will.
I was a python programmer - and i know how important have an advise sometimes from technical side…

Hey folks, I and some other folks are based out of Bangalore and are happy to help setting up the Goa Guild. If the proposal is accepted, we would love to travel and do an in-person meetup. I could do an introductory + hands-on workshop on NEAR. I have a few folks who are building NFT Marketplaces on NEAR, so we can also share use cases with the community. Do let me know how you would like to take it forward! Excited for the Goa Guild :slight_smile:


@gyan0890 hi
Nice to meet you here and i hope we will meet in Goa too🤗
We already making some NEAR lesson in this sunday

This link

We would like see u on Sunday too if u can :relaxed:

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Sunday is a bit of short notice to travel :D! Let me know whenever you have a next meetup. Will definitely make some plans :grinning:

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Thank u for your interest we let u know

Join our instagram please if u want to be informed

Thank you :blush:

Or telegram