Project Title: GIVANON

Applicant: Rhoda

Grant Requested: 1700 USD for two months

Ps: I am unable to share links in this proposal but I will be sending the relevant links to the council members on telegram.

I’m excited to submit this proposal for my project. I believe it will greatly benefit both She is Near DAO and the Near ecosystem as a whole. I believe its well-defined plan will bring significant benefits to all the parties involved.

If approved, I’ll use the requested funds to achieve two key goals:

  1. Brand development: I’ll create a strong and recognizable brand identity for the project.
  2. Product design and development: I’ll build wireframes and designs for the web3 e-commerce website on Figma, and then develop the website itself.

Executive Summary

GIVANON is a fashion marketplace built on web3 technology. It helps fashion entrepreneurs sell their unique designs and earn in both NFTs and traditional currencies. This not only attracts brands to the platform but also empowers buyers. They can own valuable NFTs and directly participate in the web3 ecosystem, breaking free from the centralized control of many traditional e-commerce platforms.

Our focus aligns perfectly with SHE IS NEAR goal of creating an inclusive and accessible earning experience for women. With Givanon, any female fashion-preneur can Onboard the ecosystem and also sell their pieces and earn in NFTS and other currencies. This Tech Development collaboration with SHE IS NEAR aims to empower Female entrepreneurs onboarded into She is Near DAO to seamlessly transition into Web3 and help community members earn and grow on the BOS.

Problem Statement:

In today’s digital world, businesses everywhere, especially in developing countries where technology is still new, need to be adaptable and embrace new tech to stay competitive. This can be challenging, as building a brand takes time and resources, and many businesses and entrepreneurs find it difficult to navigate the complexities of the tech world. As a result, some businesses struggle to keep up and end up stagnant or even closing down.

The solution:

Givanon a Decentralized E-commerce website and NFTs rewarding system offers a unique advantage with its web3-based and user-friendly e-commerce interface. Eliminating the need for a complex onboarding process, Givanon levels the playing field and makes decentralized apps and sites more approachable.

How does the platform work? In a nutshell

  1. Brands can join by signing up, connecting their wallets, and creating a profile with a provided template. Then, they can upload their products and set prices for each category.
  2. Brands have the flexibility to:
  • Sell their limited items as NFTs (digital collectibles): This allows them to create unique, verifiable ownership for their products and potentially reach new audiences in the blockchain space.( This is a future plan)
  • Sell their items directly without NFTs: This is the traditional approach, offering products as physical goods.
  • Combine both options: Brands can offer both NFT and non-NFT versions of their limited items, catering to different preferences and potentially maximizing reach and revenue.(This is a future plan)
  1. When a buyer places an order for a physical product a shipping arrangement is entered, and the order is tracked till it is delivered within the stipulated timeframe. This trade remains open till the buyer receives their item.
  2. When a buyer places an order for an NFT, a trade is opened and closed only if the transaction is successful.(This is a future plan)
  3. An NFT is the minted design of the seller’s product. (it could be an artwork from their product design)(This is a future plan)

How does the platform look? In a nutshell

Homepage is an overview of all the e-commerce website

The buyer will have an account page where they can connect their wallet and open a trade just like an E-commerce website.

The seller will have a profile page where they can upload their products and keep track of pending new orders, and sales.

What makes us unique

While established e-commerce platforms like Jumia and Konga offer successful marketplaces, they lack features specifically designed for web3 needs. This creates challenges for:

Entrepreneurs: These platforms often don’t allow them to earn in cryptocurrencies or NFTs, limiting their earning potential and reach.
Buyers: They miss the opportunity to own unique NFTs tied to brands they love and participate in the web3 ecosystem.

This is where Givanon comes in. We offer a unique web3 e-commerce experience designed to:

Empower entrepreneurs: Earn in multiple currencies, including crypto, and leverage NFTs to create exclusive offerings.
Engage buyers: Own valuable NFTs tied to brands, participate in the web3 ecosystem, and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Givanon bridges the gap between traditional e-commerce and the exciting possibilities of web3.

Givanon will be an integrated component in BOS, all transactions and processes will be on chain and there will be Transparency and clear processes.

Who are the entrepreneurs

Onboarding exceptional web2 fashion designers, and entrepreneurs to web3 will be one of our major keys to success. And at the same time upscaling the skills and polishing the diamonds in the rough-junior eager designers already in the ecosystem.

Benefits to NEAR

Givanon will bring mass adoptions and real users into web3 and the NEAR ecosystem. We will directly support crucial parts of the ecosystem.

NEAR Community: We will empower the community members already in business to work together, by providing a safe, risk-free environment where they can connect and create.

NDC: Will be able to use the website to decentralize brand creation and let the community take ownership of the brand.

NEAR growth: Facilitating the creation of visual content and design assets will have an impact on the ecosystem’s productivity because fashion is art in itself.

CDAO and MDAO Community: Creative talent that is part of these communities will be able to participate in buying and selling their designs, which could lead to more financial empowerment and enrich their portfolio.

NFT community: By utilizing NFT’s technology community into valuable digital assets, the NFT community will be able to grow and pass the art flipping stage on to more valuable digital ownership safekeeping.(This is a future plan)

We want BOS to be a place where everything flows easily even for non-technical people. Our priority will be that the platform feels natural and accessible, new people will be able to come in and use it right away just by signing up even without knowing they are using smart contracts.


  1. Streamlined Processes: No more back and forward in endless loops, by following the already established processes we will streamline and track the sales process.
  2. Customer Service: Human touch is also very important, we plan to set up a dedicated customer success team to help both the customers and sellers if they are encountering any difficulties. They will also collect feedback to improve the platform.
  3. OnBoarding web2 users: Thanks to the great usability of the platform web2 clients will come and use our services. We will onboard fashion designers and entrepreneurs who are eager to enter the space but have found it difficult to get involved.

Business Strategy:

Monetization and Pricing:

We will charge a percentage of the value of the sale of physical product. The price will be set by the entrepreneur after studying and understanding the market and other factors they will have.

Go-To-Market (GTM) Plan:

Launching campaign: Our inhouse branding and marketing team will create a big splash for the launching of the product.

Event presence: After launch and having a few study cases we will be present in all relevant events to showcase the app.

Content creation: We will use our study cases to constantly publish blogs, infographics, and videos about our product.

Offer no fee for first users: We will cover and perform the first market testing by in-house fashion designers and entrepreneurs to ensure we get study cases and users’ interest.

Use of Funds Distribution


We will establish the brand ID through a social marketing campaign. Extensive communications throughout NEAR’s community, most popular TG groups, discord channels, and news outlets will be used to drive interest.

KPIs Month of March and April (product design and web design): 600 USD

*web Development: 300 USD
Product Design: 300 USD

Our dedicated designer has initiated the design process, focusing on key elements such as the homepage, product listing, storefront, and user management. The current design includes features like blockchain integration, user-friendly interfaces, and secure onboarding, reflecting the e-commerce nature of the platform.

Next Steps - Two-Month Plan:

  1. Refinement of Sample Design (Weeks 1-2):

    • Gather feedback on the current design from stakeholders and potential users.
    • Refine and enhance the sample design with a focus on e-commerce elements.
  2. Expanded Design Exploration (Weeks 3-4):

    • Expand the design to include detailed screens for sign-up/in, onboarding, analytics, and order management.
    • Ensure seamless integration of blockchain features and e-commerce functionalities.
  3. Launchpad Feature Development (This is a future plan):

    • Design and implement the launchpad feature for exclusive NFT and rare wearable drops.
    • Integrate countdowns, limited edition indicators, and bidding functionalities.
  4. User Testing and Iteration (Weeks 6-7):

    • Conduct user testing with refined and expanded designs, emphasizing the e-commerce and launchpad features.
    • Collect user feedback and iterate on the design to enhance user engagement.

Funding Breakdown:

User Research ($100):

  • Conduct user interviews and surveys to understand user preferences and expectations.
  • Analyze competitor platforms for insights into industry best practices.
  1. Designer Wage ($150):

    • Hire a skilled UX/UI designer to create visually appealing and user-centric designs.
    • Ensure the designer’s expertise in e-commerce and blockchain-related interfaces.
  2. Resources ($50):

    • Acquire necessary design tools, software, and subscriptions for efficient project execution.

Total Funding Request: $300

Benefits for Near Dao:

  • Near Dao will be acknowledged as a key supporter in developing a unique marketplace with e-commerce and launchpad features.
  • Regular updates and insights into the design process, including the development of exclusive drop features.
  • Exclusive access to refined and expanded design prototypes showcasing the e-commerce and launchpad functionalities.

Early Design in Figma:

Next Steps:
We kindly request funding of $300 from Near Dao to continue and complete the design phase of our innovative marketplace over the next two months. This will allow us to refine the design with a focus on e-commerce and launchpad features, providing users with a distinctive and engaging platform.

  • Marketing and communications; 500 USD

Create accounts on all social media platforms. Create teasers and animated videos of a demo of the product. Create curiosity in the community.

Explanatory animated videos of how products work, infographics of process and flow, and ad campaigns to attract buyers and onboard fashion designers and entrepreneurs.

Host AMA session with SHE IS NEAR DAO and other female DAOS to encourage participation

We will create a launching campaign for the product for distribution on social media.

  • web Development: 300 USD
    Smart contract: 300 USD
    • Develop backend components, including user management, project management, messaging, and notifications. Near Payment Integration with the blockchain for payments will also begin.

    • Development of the escrow smart contract, which will hold funds, manage orders, and enforce terms and conditions.

    • Integration of the frontend with the backend and smart contracts and testing

    • Implementation of payment processing and escrow management. This includes the handling of client payments and the release of funds to designers upon project completion.

    • Extensive testing of the entire platform, including payment flows, escrow management, and terms and conditions enforcement.

product management: 300 USD

Vision: To empower fashion entrepreneurs to thrive in the web3 ecosystem through a user-friendly e-commerce platform that simplifies brand building, NFT creation, and seamless transactions.

Mission: Become the leading web3 fashion marketplace, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to sell unique designs, earn in multiple currencies, and connect with a passionate community of buyers.

Target Audience:

  • Fashion entrepreneurs seeking to expand their reach and leverage the benefits of web3.
  • Buyers interested in owning unique NFTs and supporting brands.

Product Features:

  • Seamless onboarding: Easy sign-up and profile creation for entrepreneurs and buyers.
  • Brand development tools: Customizable templates and resources to build a strong brand identity.
  • NFT creation: Ability to mint and sell limited-edition NFTs tied to designs.
  • Multiple payment options: Support for traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Escrow system: Secure transaction processing for both parties.
  • Community features: Forums, chat, and events to foster connections and collaboration.

Product Roadmap:

Phase 1 (March-April 2024):

  • Design and development:
    • Finalize platform design and user interface.
    • Develop core functionalities for product listing, and transactions.
    • Integrate with Near blockchain and payment processors.
  • Marketing and communication:
    • Build brand awareness through targeted campaigns and social media engagement.
    • Partner with relevant communities and influencers.
    • Develop educational content about web3 and NFTs.
  • Community outreach:
    • Onboard early adopters and gather feedback.
    • Partner with female-focused DAOs and organizations.

Phase 2 (April 2024):

  • Beta launch:
    • Release a limited version of the platform to a select group of users.
    • Gather feedback and iterate on product features.
    • Refine marketing and community outreach strategies.
  • User acquisition and engagement:
    • Implement strategies to attract new users and encourage platform engagement.
    • Offer incentives for early adopters.
    • Host community events and activities.

Phase 3 (Ongoing):

  • Feature development:
    • Continuously add new features and functionalities based on user feedback and market trends.
    • Explore integration with other web3 platforms and services.
  • Growth and expansion:
    • Partner with established brands and retailers.
    • Expand into new markets and product categories.
    • Advocate for the adoption of web3 technologies in the fashion industry.


  • Active users: Number of registered entrepreneurs and buyers using the platform.

  • Transactions: Total number of product purchases

  • Gross merchandise value (GMV): Total value of products sold

  • User engagement: Frequency of platform usage, social media interactions, and community participation.

  • Brand awareness: Reach and recognition of the GIVANON brand.
    KPIs Q1 2024

  • Research:

  • Brand Competitor Analysis: To make sure we created a unique brand and have a distinct identity,

  • Product Competitor Analysis: To know their strength and weaknesses, and create a better product

  • Community outreach: Create buzz and interest in the community, and create a plan to onboard fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and end users.

  • Brand creating

  • Product design, developed and launch

  • Launching campaign

  • Ad campaigns, videos, and infographics

  • Givanon Beta Launch: End of April 2023

New Metrics for NDC

  1. Account retention: We believe that we will have both returning customers and designers. Metrics should be calculated once the product is launched, but we are aiming to have 10+ active entrepreneurs on the platform in the 1st month
  2. Account acquisition: All the customers and designers will be onboarded to BOS to use the service so we are aiming to have 10+ new accounts created, in the first month after launching.
  3. Social engagement score: We will use the study cases to create a community of customers and designers on our social media platforms. Producing a good number of impressions and engagements.

Who is in the team?

Rhoda: CEO / Growth Marketer
Amara: Project Manager
Aishah: Product Designer
Osaro: Full stack developer
Koxy : Smart contract developer

The brand communication strategies would be well distributed and demystified across the web and socials, allowing female entrepreneurs to catch up and easily onboard the ecosystem, thereby eliminating complexities and barriers. Via


Thank you so much for your proposal @Givanon can you send some socials of your team and are there some completed projects related to their fields?


yes I can, kindly review the adjusted proposal, how do i include links to this reply?

You can send them as a reply under this post. Thank you

Thanks for your proposal , I liked the idea. Can you please explain team members previous experience in e-commerce,web2 and web3?

As she is new to forum, she can not post the links, I am posting on her behalf:
Socials and portfolios


And this is the Figma link:

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Also funds will be distributed in March and we are funding monthly. Can you update your proposal accordingly?

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Okay thank you​:heart::white_check_mark:
I have a record of managing e-commerce websites in terms of market, sales and uploads in the web2 space majorly

The product designer(Aishah) we worked on a project together in the passed that enabled our team to be one of the winning teams for that hackathon on Celo, she has her background in creative designs and user-friendly interfaces for other websites

The smart contract developer(koxy) has worked on content relating to chain abstraction with near so she is very in-tuned with the near ecosystem and how it works.

The web developer(Osaro) has experience building an e-commerce website and understands the Web3 space deeply in term of web designs and developments, he has an app he is strongly building to his credit its called writecap it’s uses gpt4 to generate personalized captions for social media posts for real estate businesses, fashion and beauty businesses, event planning businesses.

Due to the fact that I can share links I have shared all the relevant links to the telegram group for the councils

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As Givanon can not post links, posting on behalf of her:
Smart contract developer

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Dear @Givanon,

Thank you for submitting your proposal. We appreciate the effort you’ve put into it. However, due to budget constraints, we are only able to consider proposals with a duration of one month.

Additionally, we kindly request further clarification regarding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the scope of the project as well listing your project team members and their roles. Clarity in these areas will help us evaluate the proposal more effectively and make informed decision.

Many thanks.

I can’t share links but krik has assisted in linking all the teams and project links to this chat

All the KPIs has been clearly stated in the proposal, kindly advise on what next to do…apologies I am just seeing this now

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