Free Horses : Monthly Report May-June

Hello NEAR’ians,

Firstly, I would like to thank the founders and developers for the opportunity to be part of this project.

In the month of May, we did Amazing things and bring the server up to the level

  1. It was busy and full of events and rewards, we did a number of AMAs, and Discord / Twitter activities giving away Lots of NFTs / $Near.

  2. We organized daily Rumble and Quiz

  3. We ran the Twitter campaign for questions

I and my team worked hard to see this project Rollin’, I shilled our project on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to bring the more interested audiences to the Free Horses project and NEAR.

If I talk about my work, I was involved in arranging daily Rumble and quizzes. Giving ideas and making sheets for events. helping newcomers and inviting Near Team Moderators.

Also available for other AMAs. Moderating our discord server and joining our leader in decision-making.
We managed to keep the discord & twitter growing organically.

What’s my further plan?

Now I’m having knowledge of Free horses and guiding everyone in discord.

  1. My idea is to teach everyone about NFTs
  2. Growing our discord
  3. Growing Twitter
  4. Successful in the Mint Phase

I believe the future of The free horses is bright and the projects we have on the go, are only going to help us achieve a powerhouse status! This past month saw amazing things happen, and we expect to continue down this road.

Degen and Mod


Greetings Near Warriors

I will try to be brief about my report of what was done in the month of May and what we have built until then since this month is almost over.

In the month of May several improvements were made to the server for better usability and entertainment for users.

From the month of May to date has increased the number of members within the server from 345 to 1054 thanks to the strategy of the team and members of our community.

Together with our team we have carried out several activities which encourage our community to win small prizes in Near tokens and you can even be lucky enough to win a Free Horses NFT, this NFT allows you to enter a VIP community where educational content is shared, upcoming projects, private events and exclusive direct access to new collections of the invoker as Friendly Horses hand in hand with Near P2P.

These activities are carried out through bots which are already programmed to perform their functions such as:

Rumble Royale: bot that narrates the pitched battles of the players, in battle royale style, each player perishes while the story is narrated and only one is the lucky warrior.

Gartic Bot: Who at some point has not played Gartic with a group of friends? If not, we invite you to our server, Gartic places drawings created by people of different themes such as fruits, animals, objects, etc. The player must guess the name of the drawing and add points, the winner will be the lucky one who gets the highest score.

Quiz Bot: a question and answer bot which already has questionnaires on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as other topics such as movies, entertainment, drawings, etc. The great and incredible thing about this bot is that you can customize it and create questions on a specific topic.

The activities take place in the Friendly-chat channel, the curious thing about this channel is that it is linked to a fictitious economy bot that allows you to generate coins by means of the activity, that is to say that while you write in this channel you accumulate these coins. But what do I get out of it, very easy, we have decided to create a small market and give a city theme to our server.

Members will be able to buy aesthetic work roles such as cook, lumberjack, warrior and even a direct pass to win a Free Horses, each of these roles has a different cost so each member must remain active if they want to get a role.

If they reach the amount of 200K in coins they will be able to get a Friendly Horses valued at 10 Near for free.

Our project wants to offer the community entertainment, education and brotherhood in order to achieve the largest, strongest and most educated Near community and to provide free advice to each of our Free Horses holders.

Our goal is to have a maximum of 10K members by the end of the year, continue with the activities and make several collaborations for new collections.

if you are not a member here are the social networks and official links.


Discord: Free Horses