Free Horses - Monthly Report [ July ]

Hello Everyone

Wishing everyone a Healthy and Wealthy Month of August.

So the previous month of July was very important , exciting and challenging for us.

After the months of building the community this month was to represent our collection to the Near Community.
We launched our collection on 6th of July and did pretty well and we SOLD OUT our first Free Horses Collection 300/300

We got the New Leader
We Got the new commander
We Got new sergeant

And Army of Spartans

We are officially live on Secondary Marketplace
Only few have listed thier NFTS on Paras, you can get one from here :- Free Horses

As a MOD/DEGEN My responsibility was to clear out the Doubts of new comers and helping them to Mint NFTs without any problem.

I spread the message of Mint to all the community members out there. Collab with twitter influencers and many project out there. My responsibility was to make Free Horses project a Success and i hopefully i played my role well.

Organizing events for the members and helping our discord server for better engagement.

(Events Announcement)

Helping users in AMA with answer to solve thier queries

Helping team in giving productive ideas and working as good team members

What to expect Upcoming Month?

As we have set-up our base now we will collab with many projects to bring volume in secondary marketplace

Upcoming of Near P2P Collection* on Friendly Horses.

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Thank You :heart: