Flutter KYC Investigation

Hey everyone,
As you know we have released a near-flutter-api package to help mobile developers build on NEAR. Some apps we are planning to build require users not to fake double identities so we made some investigation on the available KYC SDKs for flutter. We thought we share the results with you in case anyone is interested in that.

We needed to survey the available KYC solution that satisfy our need of making sure that users can only login with one account. This is done through liveness check and document OCR and making sure that the KYC solution mustn’t allow duplicate faces or documents. At the end we settled on using Sumsup KYC solution as it best fit our needs.

We wanted to share our findings hoping this will help future developers choose an appropriate solution for their products. Here are a list and some information on each starting with our preferred solution.



Very good customer support and we got exactly what we expected from the product. Liveness checks and document verification and OCR are available. The sandbox environment can be accessed directly after making a business account and lets you have multiple free checks, It also doesn’t allow duplicates and. Their SDK is easy to use and their backend allows multiple verification options and routes that you can set up once and forget. They support almost all countries and the verification flow supports multiple languages and can be customized based on your needs. Their pricing plans allow pay as you go and multiple other options that suit different projects.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t test passbase’s sandbox environment because customers are required to schedule a meeting with the customer support first. During the meeting we discovered that the system allows face duplicates so we disregard. But it also supports many countries arround the world and their pricing plans are suitable for multiple projects.


ShuftiPro has live customer support that helps customers immediately and customers can try their sandbox without having to go through any meetings or contract signing but unfortunately their product is weak having multiple issues when it comes to the OCR.


Onfido is required to meet us before providing any pricing plans or any sandbox environment, they also require the signing of a NDC (non-disclosure contract) in case they choose to proceed with us as their partners. They seemed interested in what we were building and meeting the regulations of the countries we are based in. They have only yearly pricing plans and provide solutions for fraud detection and money laundering prevention.


Idenfy also required a meeting with us before providing any pricing plans or a sandbox environment, they were too slow to email us back.


Thanks for the update! Amazing to see the project grow and evolve.

Are all the options that you shared traditional (centralised) KYC providers?

I do not know whether they have a Flutter SDK, but here are a couple of decentralised KYC projects building on NEAR:


Hope this helps! Keep up the good work :fire:


Thank You! I’ve checked them but non of them are ready for development yet.