Financial movement with Metaverse DAO funds

We sent 250 near for the collective wallet of the DAO and swap it for dai on and sent the dai back to the dao astrodao wallet, in order to increase the resources.

We created a collective wallet for the DAO that all council members know the seed phrase, that is nearmetaversedao.near.

This proposal was accepted by Metaverse DAO on astrodao: Astro

We swapped 244,95 near for 3344 DAI and we sent back to the astrodao wallet. We have there such amount of DAI and additional 25 near. We also have 5.01385 NEAR on the collective wallet outside astrodao, required by, to cover storage fees and transactions.

The transactions can be seen here:

We just decided to make a liquidity pool with metacoin and dai: Astro

500 metacoins and 500 dai on Ref Finance

January 30th, 2022, we traded 250 dai for 23,81 near, according to the transactions in Metaverse DAO external wallet:
Transfer to external wallet

We used that money to buy NFTs, according to our collection project, approved by the Creatives.

We deposited 250 dai and the relative metacoin in the liquidity pool at

We took 200 near from our dao and sent to the external wallet and traded 203 near for 1,753.09125 DAI n, 19:08, utc-3, February 22nd, 2022, and we sent it back the the dao’s wallet on astrodao.

Left in the external wallet: 3.13839 NEAR and 1,000 GOLD.
Someone dropped 1,000 GOLD in our external wallet.

Sent 31.71 near and 300 metacoins from metaverse dao to external wallet.
swaped 30 near for 30 wnear and 30wnear for 295.913 DAI.
Added liquidity:
295,913789675549762431 DAI
283,9300458317807 METACOIN
gas fees 0.01 near

left on the external wallet:
4.83795 NEAR
1,000 GOLD
16.06995 METACOIN

transfered with all the shares to new wallet metaversedao2.near
remade the shares on

left on the new wallet:

4.73719 NEAR
37.60915 DAI
1,000 GOLD

sent 156,… dai and 150 metacoin to our external wallet metaversedao2.near
and we sent it to the liquidity pool on ref: Ref Finance
March 17, 2022, 22:32, utc-3


4.70623 NEAR

30.79545 DAI

1,000 GOLD



247,75492766307283 Near traded for
3,065.15773 DAI
And sent back to the treasury.

Swap transaction: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

Sent back to the treasury transaction:

Left in the wallet metaversedao2.near:

0.94421 NEAR
1,000 GOLD

We spent around 0.025 eth to mint nearmetaversedao.eth on ENS and have it for 5 years, and to to save some informations in the blockchain, including the adress metaversedao2.near for Metaverse DAO near wallet. ENS App

Astro - Send 700 usdc to external wallet metaversedao2.near:

Swap 700 usdc for 406.71042 NEAR on ref: Near Transaction BzzWqHe5g829TzT7nD2yrb4Ep8mNSRy2pGvbCW5dazfX | NearBlocks

Send 406 NEAR from metaversedao2.near to astrodao wallet: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

External wallet metaversedao2.near remains with:

1.49795 NEAR
2.07923 wNEAR
1,000 GOLD
1,961.35436 METACOIN

Astrodao wallet:

16.3586 NEAR
6.9426 DAI
0.0663 ETH
50000000000 HAK
165.93 USDC.E
0.7185 WNEAR

0.0239 ETH