Financial movement with Metaverse DAO funds

We sent 250 near for the collective wallet of the DAO and swap it for dai on and sent the dai back to the dao astrodao wallet, in order to increase the resources.

We created a collective wallet for the DAO that all council members know the seed phrase, that is nearmetaversedao.near.

This proposal was accepted by Metaverse DAO on astrodao: Astro

We swapped 244,95 near for 3344 DAI and we sent back to the astrodao wallet. We have there such amount of DAI and additional 25 near. We also have 5.01385 NEAR on the collective wallet outside astrodao, required by, to cover storage fees and transactions.

The transactions can be seen here:

We just decided to make a liquidity pool with metacoin and dai: Astro

500 metacoins and 500 dai on Ref Finance