[February] Earn an 150$ in Near as Near Social Task collector

Earn Max of 150$ to promote Near on WhatsApp as a task collector
Task collectors: on Near Social a task collectors are individual that have the ability to post about near on WhatsApp and are known to have enough viewers they can reach out to on thier status.
max of 10task collectors would be needed by 150$max pay in a month for each

  1. No Cv or resume needed, Just message me with a screenshot of your WhatsApp status of 100viewers and above, post our logo.

    screenshot should contain your near name and date as the caption of the post and send it to me on discord “ psalmy#6992”
  2. Your screenshot should be clear showing all details needed in step 1
    If you’ve any questions concerning this post feel free to ask
    Thanks :pray:
    You can also tag a friend that has enough contacts and views an WhatsApp

I have over 1000 views on WhatsApp, how can I connect you on WhatsApp

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Hi there :wave:
You can simple join our discord group and tag me @psalmy on our general chat

Then you can send me a message with requirements given on the post thanks

@Mohaa check this out


I could get 3 people for this deal, thanks @jabaalXdrag

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Should the 1k views be on these particular picture

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Yes it should!
That’s your qualification

Tell them to follow the rules and send me the required screenshot

Nice one bro keep it up

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Thanks :pray:
I appreciate

I just posted this on my WhatsApp status now
I’ll send screenshot once it gets to 1k views

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The main post has been edited to 100views so others can participate too and please make sure to read the rules properly

  1. Send me your prove of 100views by posting our logo with your near name as the caption and the date you posted it ok
    Thanks :pray:

Nice buddy ! :vulcan_salute: hehehe glad to see you around :100:

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@FritzWorm i really appreciate your effort and support thanks :pray: :blush:

This is an example of what I need.
Others are doing it wrong

Your near wallet ID on the caption and the date when you posted it