FDAO Meme Competition (Meme About NDC)

FDAO Meme Competition.


So after a little break we’ve decided to introduce a meme competition to the community to engage on promoting and educating the community about NDC and the value to the Ecosystem.

The scope of this competition is within the improvement and knowledge of NDC.


Knowing fully well most communities have vast knowledge about the NDC a particular set of new individuals have little or no knowledge about NDC, the Governing bodies and the voting bodies, so with this competition we expect to educate and inform more people about the NDC and how it would improve the Ecosystem.

Theme: Post should relate to the NDC (HoM, CoA, TC, VB and their responsibilities)


  • Increase awareness about NDC
  • Improve engagement both on-chain and off-chain.
  • Retained account participation.
  • Community Empowerment.


  • Engagement, impressions, funny memes and onchain interactions.
  • Atleast 10 entries
  • Average of +50 likes on twitter (x) and 25 likes on Near Social (meaning each entry should have atleast 5 likes on their twitter (x) entry and 2-3 likes on BOS entry)

Criteria to participate.

  • IAH verified Accounts
  • Active Twitter account
  • Near wallet

Score board.

  • Meme should either be funny or educative
  • Creativity and engagement
  • Original content and well written writeup to follow the memes
  • Good engagement

Entry Disqualification process

  • Not IAH verified
  • Use of bot or malicious methods to boost impressions.
  • Explicit memes and memes that bridges the NDC CoC.

Winners would be Chosen by The FDAO core contributors following the score board

Timeline -Competition is for 1 week starting from the day of posting

Format of posting your entry

You have to provide this information while submitting your entry

Your name(Pseudonym):

Your NearSocial and twitter handle:

Telegram name:

Near wallet:

Link to your entry (post must be made on twitter and Near Social “BOS”)

Link to BOS

Link to Twitter.

Where should I submit my entry?

Make a Comment below this post, using the format on how to submit your entry to guide you.

Prize pool : 60$ (3:2:1) for 3 Winners.

This is an example I made, while the context of this memes trying to show the voting process on how funds can be approved and released to the Community


Awesome, will get started :muscle:


Name: shadow wax (pablo158)

NearSocial handle :@pablo158.near

twitter handle: @shadow__wax

Telegram name: @shadow_wax

Near wallet: pablo158.near

Entry Link to BOS: Post by @pablo158.near

Entry Link to Twitter: https://x.com/shadow__wax/status/1727445849981014377?s=46&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q


twitter handle: Yazzy_makaif
Telegram name: Yazzy
Near wallet: makaifah.near
Entry Link to BOS:https:Post by Yazzy | Near Social
Entry Link to Twitter:https://twitter.com/kazeemtoyi83142/status/1727364371679162544?t=CePpVwIJZH8luG4ZNcb_hA&s=19


Hi :raised_hands: please your BOS link isn’t clickable, try to cross check if there’s something wrong

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Name: Milez

NearSocial handle : @miles1.near

twitter handle: @MilezOfficial_

Telegram name: @Milez_dah_god

Near wallet: miles1.near

Entry Link to BOS: Post by @miles1.near

Entry Link to Twitter: https://twitter.com/MilezOfficial_/status/1727978930211058072?t=RKofnTm7obpISvV58_1QYg&s=19


Name:Maxwell zayn

Near social @roseline77.near


Near wallet: roseline77.near

Twitter post link: https://twitter.com/_zayn77/status/1727983317633450146?t=6_2VH-SrfYKSbWdtdrHtRw&s=19

Near social post link: Post by Maxwell | Near Social


Name: Humblegiwa

NearSocial handle :@humblegiwa

twitter handle: @humblegiwa

Telegram name: @humblegiwa_

Near wallet: Humblegiwa.near

Entry Link to BOS: Post by Humblegiwa | Near Social

Entry Link to Twitter: https://twitter.com/humblegiwa/status/1728337353859547315?t=9Oh-C-o8POLiw3TtZpj-OA&s=19


Name: Paul Oguntola

NearSocial handle: Paulp6000.near

Twitter handle: @pauldgreat1234

Telegram name: @Paulp5000

Near wallet: Paulp6000.near

My Entry was a Video Meme

Link to BOS:

Link to Twitter:

Check it out @Psalmy


Awesome anticipating :100:


Posing on behalf of Susan, as she has temporary restriction issues on forum

Name: Ede Ujunwa Suzan

NearSocial handle: suzan689.near

Twitter handle: @edeujunwa2

Telegram name: @edesuzan

Near wallet: suzan689.near

Type: Video Meme

My Entry Link to BOS:

My Entry Link to Twitter:


It’s time to get creative :fire::fire:


Name: Skytonet

Near social skyto.near

Telegram: Skytone4

Near wallet: skyto.near

Twitter post link:https://twitter.com/Olarewajuseyi7/status/1728756365437637010?t=oQcTMCWiWfs_RbTJ2bvQGA&s=19

Near social post link:Post by skyto.near | Near Social

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Meme Report and Winners Announcement.

Sorry for the delay of results due to inactiveness in the Ecosystem, however due to the score board all councils have chosen the winners of the meme competition and rewards would be shared accordingly on telegram

1st :1st_place_medal: Paul
2nd :2nd_place_medal: Milez
3rd :3rd_place_medal: Skytonet
30$| 20$| 10$


  • 336 total likes on Twitter
  • 8 participants
  • 3 thread post, 14memes including meme videos.

According to report we didn’t meet the expectations of 10 entries cause we had only 8 entries just left with 2 entries.
Report shows we had an average of +336 likes and on BOS +50tx.
Thanks for your participation :pray: as rewards would be distributed by weekend, latest Tuesday.


Congrats to all winners :trophy:

Congratulations to the winners