[Content Freestyle] NDC Content Freestyle

FDAO presents [NDC Content Freestyle]

This is our first Edition for the FDAO content freestyle and this competition would introduce various concepts of new content which are not commonly used in the Ecosystem, so it’s actually time to try new strategies for Marketing Purposes.

We are going to make content to promote NDC and we are going to be picking 1 winner from each 5 categories.

Category = Poem, One pager Comic, Video memes, infographics , Graphic Art.

NDC Field

On This Field, Content should be created around the Upcoming Election and NDC Governance Structure.

Category Description
Video Memes This Category should be presented less than a minute video and it’s should have captions and write up on the video to give clear understanding what you’re trying to market to your audience about NDC
Poem This Category you can write a poem or rhymes about NDC
One Pager Comic This Category should be presented as a comic concept of people talking about NDC or you can be more creative using a comic concept
Graphic Art This Category should be focus on creativity and should be a nice art design with write up on the art about NDC, feel free to play around with your creativity
Infographics This Category information in a graphical or sketch form this should include the graphical structure and information of NDC

How to Participate

Firstly you pick two categories from each field and create a content behind it.

Be creative and provide quality contents and submit your entry by filling this Form Make sure you’re IAH Verified and follow all instructions on the form.

Rules of the Competition

  • You are not allowed to win twice
  • You can only pick max of 2 categories to promote NDC.
  • it’s Compulsory you proof you’re Human by going through the IAH Face Verification
  • You can post your entries were it’s convenient for you and submit the link as an entry and you can also submit your entry as a file ( pic,video etc) on the form
  • Follow all instructions and give right details on the form
  • No Explicit or negative content that would look abusive or not presentable

Materials needed to better understand the context for the NDC fields.

It’s very important to read this docs below so you get more insight and ideation of the context of your content as we would score you according to the correctness and alignment with the NDC Election.

About NDC

How Can Your Entry be Scored?

  • Creativity
  • Quality & Uniqueness.
  • Intuitive and the context of your content.
  • Style (Method).
  • Correctness and alignment with the NDC information.

Samples for the 5 Content Categories

Poem | One Pager Comic | Video Memes | infographics | Graphic Art.


  • You’re only allowed to submit entries in 2 categories for the NDC Content freestyle. That means you can choose to participate in 2 categories.
  • Whoever breaks the rules of this competition gets disqualified asap with a good reason.
  • One winner are being picked from each category from this Competition we would be expecting 5 winners in all, to win 100$ each from a pool of $500.
  • If in any case there’s a tie Entries would be subjected to be voted by the community on EasyPoll.
    Deadline: 5th of September

To show your interest on this Competition Comment below


Let’s goo.
I’m interested.
By the way is there a deadline for this?


Go for it, let’s gets some creative minds around this

5th of September

A good time to showcase what you’ve got :fire:

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This is indeed an awesome opportunity for our creatives.
Come on!

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Nice one.
What’s the deadline for this please?

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It is a Great opportunity I will give my best for this Competition

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Will come up with epic contents


Rock it Rock it LFG :fire::fire:

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This is a great initiative… let’s keep on pushing :fire:

Let’s do this!!!
this is a great initiative

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Time to unleash our Creative Potential :handshake:


Hoping to see all entries.
Remember the deadline is on the 5th of September

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Content Freestyle Report.

The content freestyle started around 16th August and ended yesterday at midnight and here’s the report of the final result.

participants remark and scoring.

near forum ID (@usearname) Grading Total Score
skyto.near poem 18
curmello video meme 16
nikkigold poem 18
Paulp5000 comic,infographic 19,20
starrh poem,comic 14,12
Jeruweb3 poem,infographic 17,17
Milez_dah_god comic,video meme 19,22
Eli22 video meme 18
yashank poem, infographic 18,17
ame9986 comic 24
monkeydu video meme 12
Elzy10 comic,graphic art 13,10
Pablo158 poem 18
SOXAvisual comic 16
vanshika comic, infographic 9,14
Oodokha others 8
roizlive comic 19
King_singhh poem 16
ankit2866 poem,infographic 15,19
harry_007.near video meme 15
macarli01 video meme 8
vinod69 poem, video meme 11,11
praven video meme 2
liaustin poem,infographic 11,17

List of winners for each categories.

The graphic art have no winner since there was only one entry for that so graphic art rewards goes to “others” neutral and those with highest scores next to top 4 filled the slot of the 5th graphic art.

Poem @Pablo158 , skyto.near, NikkiGold & @yashank 72%
One pager Comic @ame9986 96%
video meme @Milez_dah_god 88%
infographics @Paulp5000 80%
Others @riozlive & @ankit2866 76%

Winners , Entries and Amount in NEAR as reward according to NEAR rate of fund received @1.22

Total (NEAR ) reward = 409.821N

Congrats to all winners and those that participated, good job and kudos we’ve to select our top 5 best according to our scoring scheme

How to receive rewards?

  • Make a proposal (transfer) on our Astrodao
  • Write a description I’m [Name] winner of [categories] as agreed by the freelancer core contributors to receive [xNEAR]
  • paste the link of this post on the link slot
  • put the exact amount of your rewards in NEAR
  • Propose.

24 Entries
34 Unique Contents


Congratulations to winners.
I don’t understand which category is others, I thought it’s graphics art.
Also the work by Ankit is a one paper comic also not graphics but was categorized as a graphic

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I’m not also sure that everyone submitted by filling the form

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It’s clear that only I did a graphic art​:person_shrugging:


It was stated there was no winner for graphic art so others are the next highest score individuals in other categories

It was part of the rules to fill the form, we aren’t to be blamed for that

Here :point_up_2:

Exactly so there was no competition in that category and your score was a bit low so we’ve to scrap it


You guys said 5 categories from which will he chosen five winners.
I filled the form and if only one person submitted, then I think that’s the winner.
I understand that bounty instructions must be adhered to, which was the case and so if the rules can be changed at the point of selecting winners, I don’t know what to call that.

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I’ve not seen a case like this since I came aboard the near ecosystem

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