FDAO file for [@Dheer]

Hello [@Dheer ] This is your transparent file on forum & your report and jurisdiction would be done on this post thread only.

Activities tend to start as early as possible within (1st-7th) and report should be submitted within 20th-25th of any month your activities was carried out.

The link on how to start your test phase would be sent to your email :e-mail: so it would be great to utilize the doc

:memo: Note: if you miss the deadline to submit your report , you would have to submit it the next month on the 20th -25th.

Thanks :pray: and Godspeed

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Ok sir ,Got it , thanks for opportunity

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Currently @Dheer can’t make post on the forum, so i will be doing that

Hello, My name is Dheer, an aspiring Engager in FDAO .
The experience during the trial phase was wonderful .
I made lots of fun making new friends from this project in NEAR ecosystem .

Posting on twitter and NearSocial daily about near , the Blockchain Operating System(BOS) and Freelancer DAO was fun and educative cause while making posts we are learning and teaching others too about near ecosystem and NDC elections .

Below is my record of activities carried out within August 2nd-21st, 2023.
Dheer Report for FDAO Trial phase

I also attend Twitter space and 3 weekly meetings , where I learned a lot of new things ,
like how the election is fair and about safegaurds for election integrity in the NDC.

And the QNA sessions where most of questions about election and BOS was answered .

Proof of WhatsApp Distribution.


Total NEAR related Posts:

Tweets - 10

Quotes tweets - 2

Meme tweets - 5

NearSocial post-7

Thank you for the opportunity to FDAO community .

Hello @Dheer glad to have your, i recently reviewed your activities and your results goes as follows

For Trial Gift

8 post on BOS which is below the minimum criteria of 10 but met the 3.5k impressions on twitter therefore you’re eligible for the 15$ gift for the trial phase.

For Level up or dismissal

  • meet 3.5k impressions = 1 mark
  • You didn’t engage on our post on at least 70% on VIP chamber = 0 mark
  • Nice and Awesome memes = 0 mark
  • Attended 3 of our weekly FDAO Meetings= 1 mark
  • Nice write up = 1 mark

With the total of =3 marks

According to the marking scheme of our DAO you’re hereby leveled up to the NOVICE level read about the novice level and we would send you the badge as a verified Engager congrats”

Status - Leveled UP

Wait for guidelines and further information on how to receive your 15$ gift and if you where able to level up it’s mandatory to join our DAO on Astro as a “Verified Engager”


  • You didn’t participate in FDAO VIP Chamber, please make sure you participate and engage in post made available in the VIP Chamber

  • Be very creative in your memes, gather knowledge about NDC and Near

Hi @Dheer

You can now create a transfer proposal on Astro DAO to request for your gift.
Use this description while requesting on Astro
Description- Requesting for 12.3NEAR @1.22 for 15$ bounty gift , for the Freelancer DAO trial phase bounty, since I’m eligible for the bounty.

Link-> [add your forum file link]

If you don’t know how to propose a transfer learn here using the video or doc below

Our DAO on Chain on Astro’s

Thanks. Also request a proposal to be added to our DAO by requesting to become a “verified Engager”

Hello, my name is Dheer, a Novice Engager.
It’s been an amazing experience advancing as a Novice in this journey.
I’ve had a great time forging new friendships with fellow participants from various projects and DAOs within the NEAR ecosystem, as well as within the FDAO Telegram community.
Engaging daily on Twitter and NearSocial, discussing topics such as NEAR, NDC, the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), and Freelancer DAO, has not only been enjoyable but also a source of valuable education. Through these posts, we’ve had the chance to both learn and teach others in the process.

Here is my record of activities carried out within September 1st-24rd, 2023.

Attendance of FDAO weekly meeting on telegram and twitter space…

~1st of September

During this meeting, all newly selected and qualified trial phase engagers, including me, were warmly welcomed to the Novice level. The session was dedicated to educating them on how to kickstart their activities at this new level.

~8th of September

During this call, we were fortunate to have a special guest, @rahulgoel007, who provided a comprehensive explanation of the recently concluded NDC Election. He shared valuable insights from both the perspective of voters and candidates, offering a well-rounded understanding of the entire election process.

~15th of September

During our meeting, we engaged in a discussion about the newly revamped structure of FDAO (Freelancer DAO). This discussion likely involved exploring the changes and improvements made to the organization’s setup, which could include roles, responsibilities, and operational processes.

~22nd of September

During our session, we were privileged to have special guests from Metapool who provided us with a detailed education on how Metapool operates and its governance structure. This likely involved an in-depth explanation of how Metapool functions, its role in the ecosystem, and how community members can participate in its governance processes.

Here the proof of Whatsapp Distribution I done during the engager phase…

1.The sticker competition …

2.Content creator assemble…

3.Aresenal vs Tottenham

And also got 100+ views in every whatsapp status

I myself also took part in Sticker competition and gave my best
here is proof of my entry


total tweets - 32

Meme tweets - 11

Graphics tweets -5

Info tweets - 21

Near Social post- 14

I appreciate the opportunity you’ve provided.

Best regards!

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Hi @Dheer nice report.

Activities and Rewards

10 memes created, per memes is 2$ = 20$
30 Tweets , per tweet is 1$ = 30$
2 Graphic, $5 per graphics =$10
WhatsApp post | 2 post on status = 2$
Total amount = 62$
According to new structure and due to funds reduction by the MDAO we have limited budget and agreed on making the max for NOVICE 50$ for this month.

Marking Scheme to determine level up

joined 4 Calls = 2 marks
good post and nice memes = 1 mark
Good report = 1mark
good impression and active on telegram & BOS = 2 marks
Total mark 6| 6/6
You’re hereby allowed to level up to Lancer stage please read more of our documents and relate more with the core team to get more details and information.


please post original tweets and graphics should be originally created graphics not that of others

You can now create a transfer proposal on Astro DAO to request for your gift.
Use this description while requesting on Astro
Description- Requesting for 45.04NEAR @1.11 for 50$ , for the NOVICE bounty

Link-> [add your forum file link]