FDAO file for [@curmello]

Hello [ @Curmello ] This is your transparent file on forum & your report and jurisdiction would be done on this post thread only.

Activities tend to start as early as possible within (1st-7th) and report should be submitted within 20th-25th of any month your activities was carried out.

The link on how to start your test phase was sent to your email :e-mail: so it would be great to utilize the doc

:memo: Note: if you miss the deadline to submit your report , you would have to submit it the next month on the 20th -25th.

Thanks :pray: and Godspeed

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The file below leads to the report file for @Curmello
He’s currently unable to post links to the forum as a new usear.

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Dear @Curmello I appreciate your report, and after giving it a comprehensive assessment, I came to this conclusion:

For Trial Gift

+10 posts on BOS and meet the 3.5k impressions on Twitter; therefore, you’re eligible for the $15 gift for the trial phase.

For leveling up or dismissal

-meet 3.5k impressions = 1 mark
-You engaged on our post on at least 70% on VIP chamber = 1 mark
-memes = 0.5 mark
-graphics = 0.5 mark
With a total of 3 marks

According to the marking scheme of our DAO, you’re hereby leveled up to the NOVICE level Read about the novice level and we will send you the badge as a verified engaged.

Status:: Leveled Up

Wait for guidelines and further information on how to receive your $15 gift and if you’re able to level up, it’s mandatory to join our DAO on Astro as a “Verified Engager.”


-Make more creative posts and content on BOS moving forward

You can now create a transfer proposal on Astro DAO to request for your gift.
Use this description while requesting on Astro
Description- *Requesting for 13.51 $NEAR @1.11 for 15$ bounty gift , for the Freelancer DAO trial phase bounty.

If you don’t know how to propose a transfer learn here using the video or doc below



Our DAO on Chain on Astro’s

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Thank you for helping out. I think it’s all good now.