[Event Approved] NxM Vibes - December 2021

NxM Vibes is a monthly vibe-filled Meetup & Event in Lisbon at Plantasia

Plantasia is a really cool bar and gallery in the Santa Cruz area of Lisbon close to the Anjos Metro. Known for its Natural Wine selection the venue has become a hot bed for crypto events over the last month hosting Meta Cartel, Solana and others, which makes it the ideal location for NxM Vibes.

Why NxM Vibes?

Who doesn’t like vibes?!? All jokes aside, no one has created a music themed monthly meetup and together with the sounds and vibes of @vandal and @squattingPigeon we make this unique, in formal and fun!

So, What Goes Down?

Invites will be sent out to all the NEAR Crowd, the folks from Mintbase and the general community of crypto enthusiasts in Lisbon, of which there are more than I’d imagined! This gives everyone the chance to loosen up, network, listen to good music and get their Vibe on!

  • Drink of the Night - Come early and be treated to complimentary glasses of NxM Sangria!
  • Fun & Games - Win some Near by participating in some cool contests or games!

Every attendee can claim an event poster NFT!

Wen Vibes?

Our first NxM Vibes event is scheduled for December 28th 2021

Break Break it Down!

DJ x 2 = $200
Poster Design = $100
Print materials = $0 (still have funds from previous event for this)
Wine = $0 (still have funds to cover this from previous event)

Total of $300 for NxM Vibes


I won’t comment on my own proposal here. Hope to get some feedback from @NxM council on it!

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Think this fits well with our “Events” guide…and will obviously benefit from support from NxM socials…and your connections with the other marketing possibilities within the NEARverse

Maybe it works as a blueprint for other “vibe nodes” in other geographical locations…

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I personally loved the idea! Enjoyed the event though cryptovoxel! Nxm vibes can be taken to different regions tooo.

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We’re happy to announce that your project has been approved to receive funding under December’s Events stream.

Congrats on behalf of the NxM Council - @chloe @Grace and myself :partying_face:


Woohoo! Looking fwd to growing the community here in Lisbon and continue our onboarding initiatives and vibes!


Update on the status of this event - Due to the recent Covid restrictions here in Lisbon the venue is closed until the 9th of January and we are rescheduling NxM Vibes 2 for a date somewhere in the middle of the month once things are more clear and open again.

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